IBM T43 take apart, disassemble, how to open disassembly

IBM T43 take apart, disassemble, how to open disassembly video

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Hi! No music. No talking. Just work. If you are taking your IBM T43 laptop apart be careful and wear an anti-static wrist band or use other anti-static devic…

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  • James Wilson говорит:

    this guy goes ham

  • Jelle Woudstra говорит:

    complete and quick disassembling. anybody can find his part he/she needs.

  • Rodrigo Andrés Sepúlveda Bravo говорит:

    this video help me a lot thanks

  • regazzz говорит:

    the translator I use, does not translate it well … sorry.

  • wwethememaster200 говорит:

    Man just fast question I bought the same laptop but needs a hard drive so
    do I need a certain Tool to unscrew it thts!!!!!!!!!

  • joeyhcmc говорит:

    now, it will take you more time in re-assembling that machine because all
    your screws are mixed-up…but thanks anyway…nobody showed this…nice

  • regazzz говорит:

    This question you need to ask prior to take it apart. If you already took
    it apart — it is kinda to late. I would say you need to remember where all
    screws coming from. Where all cables are coming from and how they were
    placed… Otherwise it will be difficult.

  • regazzz говорит:


  • diegoelcko говорит:

    seria bueno que explicaras las partes

  • regazzz говорит:

    I hope you will do it right!!!

  • giggles7900 говорит:

    i need to get the yellow part where the power adapter goes in, not sure how
    to find you know what i should look for? Thank you in advance for
    any help provide…and the video is great…thank you

  • regazzz говорит:

    Somewhere by heatsink… closer to CPU, but it is not removable
    (soldered/glued to motherboard.)

  • P Killa говорит:

    any tut on how to reassemble?

  • regazzz говорит:

    You are right, I should do this slower, at least I know it was fine finally
    🙂 Thanks!!!

  • Josh Smith говорит:

    Which part is the graphics card?

  • regazzz говорит:

    get used to do like that 🙂

  • regazzz говорит:

    You need a harddrive caddy and screwdriver, this is it.

  • Brandon Calvo говорит:

    Can you please tell me how to remove the hook piece that holds the top end
    on, please?

  • regazzz говорит:

    Make printscreen of the moment in this video, point on that part in a Paint
    save, upload, show me and I will tell you

  • P Killa говорит:

    Thx I’ll try.

  • regazzz говорит:

    Hello, sorry for such a late response, if you still have a problem with
    removing this part (I am actually not really getting witch one) anyway, let
    me know at what exact time I am removing it. (will try to answer faster if
    you still have this question)

  • iramic11 говорит:

    Jarane jesil se ti posjeko kad si ovo otvaro jebo te supa ja se posjeko 😀

  • regazzz говорит:

    You are welcome!

  • beickus говорит:

    why are you hurrying — this is a delicate job — you will probably ruin the

  • giggles7900 говорит:

    thank you, got it hope that works 🙂