IBM Thinkpad R51: RAM Upgrade

IBM Thinkpad R51: RAM Upgrade video

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got some ram for this baby. 2GB of some DDR 333.

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  • sand13r говорит:

    thanks man 🙂 i appreciate your time cause it saved me some 🙂 god bless

  • The NiKiZ говорит:

    +lmull3 My sister got one of these for free. I tried to install Xubuntu to
    it from USB-drive, but it got stuck at the bios. When I removed the drive,
    it continued to boot to Windows. It did this with another drive too, which
    was not bootable. Is there something wrong with the motherboard or

  • lmull3 говорит:

    i’ll use what i want, lol

  • lmull3 говорит:

    that made me giggle when i was editing

  • Moshe Green говорит:

    I have the same problem but where can I buy a new ram????

  • Ben's Collection and Sundry говорит:

    Did the MacBook have 2GB ram or 1GB???

  • adobewanjerkobi говорит:

    I want to get a Dell Latitude C640/C840 for some nostalgia but my D430 is
    already slow enough to feel like using one of those, lol.

  • nick1296 говорит:

    Run Xubuntu or Lubuntu on it, the GUI will be better for this latop

  • lmull3 говорит:

    i just don’t want to throw money at this machine too much

  • lmull3 говорит:

    leik, omg, hair and make up! 8D

  • MrMaguire говорит:

    That RAM must have cost you a fortune. I tried to upgrade my Dell Latitude
    D610 to 2GB of DDR2 533, but it just wasn’t having none of it. I’ve got a
    terrible cold too.

  • Theirradiation говорит:

    and you should use a wd Scorpio

  • Acc0919mc говорит:

    oh no it went in without protection! your going to have baby gigabytes!

  • lmull3 говорит:

    i’m guessing it was probably the lowest of the low end when it was new.
    still built like a tank though. 512MB is what it should’ve had from the
    factory because that’s usable with XP.

  • ThePowerMacGalaxy говорит:

    «Well it’s going in there with or without protection….» AHHAHAHA

  • lmull3 говорит:

    or not, because i don’t want a compositing desktop environment on a machine
    that old. it just creates headaches.

  • techboy003 говорит:

    You could use ubuntu 12.10.

  • Theirradiation говорит:

    bu bu but why

  • UbuntuHelpGuy говорит:

    I really like these videos. Luke, you go girl! 😉

  • Evaldas65 говорит:

    why don’t you install windows 7 on this thing?

  • lmull3 говорит:

    i tried to but the intel graphics don’t work with Windows 7. couldn’t force
    the XP driver to work either. i haven’t tried Vista, but, that wouldn’t
    exactly be worth it anyway.

  • Theirradiation говорит:

    nice upgrade and i hope everything keeps working fine

  • lmull3 говорит:

    works great on it! MATE is great for older computers like that.

  • dosdude1 говорит:

    My HP Compaq NW8440 has the same way of putting one RAM stick under the
    keyboard and the other under a cover on the bottom.

  • Ascot Shark говорит:

    The latitude series are all like that where 1 ram stick is on top and one
    on bottom xD