Tutorial: Upgrade ram in IBM T42 Thinkpad

Tutorial: Upgrade ram in IBM T42 Thinkpad video

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Upgrading the ram on a T42 laptop. Please note that I say PC2300 when replacing the keyboard, I meant PC3200. You will need 2 of these to max out the ram on …

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  • sniperking305 говорит:

    max ram??

  • mr82020674 говорит:

    @slazenger98 Thanks! The max ram is 2GB, at a speed of PC-2700 (on the T42)

  • Michael Fyffe говорит:

    Do you have or can you make a video on removal, repair/replace the finger
    print scanner on IBM ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC or similar model? I would be
    very grateful if I could see you do that process.

  • mr82020674 говорит:

    @pcpik3r What OS are you running? With XP or older distros of linux, 1gb
    should be fine. If you are on Win7, OSX, or a newer distro of Linux, I
    might consider grabbing the extra gig if I were you- it really isn’t all
    that hard to do

  • adrenaline321 говорит:

    can i mix a ram with ddr1 pc2300 witch ddr1 pc3200? hope someone can answer
    this fast or i think my laptop is going to explode! haha

  • mr82020674 говорит:

    @slazenger98 Glad I could help!

  • H Barnia говорит:

    That was a big help! Thank you!

  • David Bragg говорит:

    My T42 is showing 1GB RAM. I’m using Win 7. Can I install just one 1GB
    stick, and move to 1.5GB RAM? Or is it better to add two 1GB sticks? (it
    doubles my cost, at $39 each). Thanks

  • slazenger98 говорит:

    cool thanks a lot 🙂 save me a lot of time?

  • celt67 говорит:

    Thanks for the video. My mother has this laptop and I was wondering where
    the other slot was. Can I just say IBM…..WHAT WERE YOU THINKING… what a
    stupid fucking place to put the second slot….especially with only 512mb
    of RAM pre-installed. I’m glad your company died on its arse with stupid
    designs like this.

  • mr82020674 говорит:

    @braggs99 You can add just one stick, but I would go for the 2gb if you can
    afford it. 1.5gb will work fine though.

  • mr82020674 говорит:

    Unfortunately I don’t have any X41s, however the removal process is much
    the same as the T4x series machines. You will need to first remove the
    keyboard (which I believe on the x41s is 5 screws), then follow around the
    edge of the base so you can pull up on the palm piece. I am currently in
    the 29205 area if you are local, I can guide you through it.

  • mr82020674 говорит:

    Check out the video description, you will need 2 of those to max it out.

  • More Welly говорит:

    There is another method to «pop» out the keyboard.If you’ve removed the
    screws, just lift the two red mouse pad keys up a little bit with the
    fingernails of your thumbs and then gently push the whole keyboard, with
    your thumbs still against those two red mouse pad keys, in the display’s
    direction and you should be able to «pop» the keyboard out 😀

  • mr82020674 говорит:

    As long as both of your sticks are DDR1, they should work fine in a T42.

  • Michael Fyffe говорит:

    How much difference is there between this model and my IBM ThinkPad X41
    Tablet PC? You make AWESOME videos but dude what is with the elevator

  • mr82020674 говорит:

    @originalbumbojumbo Thanks!

  • slazenger98 говорит:

    well done very clear 🙂 what is the maximum gb it can take ?

  • Xeonspec говорит:

    T42 is awesome laptop. i have t42p with dothan 765, too. i’ve been use t42p
    for 6 years. but i had to replace mainboard 2 times. but it is best laptop
    from ibm still useful.,