Ihelpers hp probook 4515s removing and replacing hard drive or memory

Ihelpers hp probook 4515s removing and replacing hard drive or memory video


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A how to video of ihelpers showing the replacement or removal of the hard drive or memory from a hp pro book 4515s. First you remove the seven screws located…

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  • Κυριακή .Πίνακες говорит:


  • madhawa Hewawasam говорит:

    Thank you for the video… 

  • clovis rousseau говорит:

    thanks so much anybody know how to increase the ram in this same model and
    what else should be changed aswell thanks

  • 5howDown говорит:

    Thanks, very useful!

  • jorgen180 говорит:

    Just what I needed, thnx !

  • lászló Wendler говорит:

    thx, very good info!

  • tech4156 говорит:

    you need to either try to connect with a friends wifi point or check your
    wifi card inside the laptop. If you need a new one they are around £10-£15
    on ebay

  • pcserve1 говорит:

    This clip is very helpful indeed

  • roth21cz говорит:

    but video is very useful, without it, i would feel lost, thumbs up

  • pcserve1 говорит:

    have you checked the bios to see the wifi is enabled?

  • rob vacek говорит:

    thx, it is really good guide

  • Getharong говорит:

    Thx 🙂

  • Racz Gergely говорит:

    very useful!! thanks!

  • campi76 говорит:

    how can I remove the screen/display? I found videos for 4525s, but it
    doesnt work.. I cant get the plastic off from this part, where the cables
    are.. 🙁 please help me.

  • pharao1234 говорит:

    Thanks a lot for your great help!

  • motheesh M говорит:

    But how to replace the touchpad. the blue wire has been cut off and where
    to fit that blue wire? Please say me!

  • Dark Prince говорит:

    is probook 4515s wifi?

  • Pixxel Wizzard говорит:

    Thanks for the video. Leave it to HP to place the RAM and HDD, the most
    consumable parts of any laptop, in the most difficult to reach location.

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  • sonicdash24 говорит:

    Thanks for the help. My model was slightly different but this disassembly
    was just about the same.

  • Anirudh Ranawat говорит:

    can u tell me how to open or take out the motherboard it is really
    complicated and i cant figure out how to open it. thanks in advance

  • Dark Prince говорит:

    i have it…but wifi doesn’t work…i have also used the switch but nothing
    happens….plz help

  • MegaCrash88 говорит:

    thanks, mate )

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  • roth21cz говорит:

    WOW, this laptop is really big piece of shit, so much work to just get hdd
    out, unbelievable, no no wait….just HP I have plenty of IBM´s — turn
    laptop upside down, take small cover off, get hdd out, job done — this…i
    still cant find words how stupid it is for normal user is not possible to
    change hdd or just upgrade ram, really hp shit