Removing and Replacing Hard Drive in IBM Thinkpad R51

Removing and Replacing Hard Drive in IBM Thinkpad R51 video

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Demonstration of how to remove and replace the hard drive in a IBM Thinkpad R51.

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  • R-Unit Me говорит:

    Thank you! :-)

  • jaganar1 говорит:

    hey I JUST WANTED to say thank you … i was about to unscrew all the
    screws on the thinkpad i have ( tinkpad 550 ) but i have a very dumb
    question … i did what you said and the HD was present cus im looking at
    it when i unscrewed the Laptop, but it keeps saying HD not present. any

  • Daniel Laing говорит:

    hi i have just purchased a ibm think pad r51e and when i start it up the
    ibm screen comes on then the screen goes blank the comes up the letters
    RMR: then a couple of seconds later the number 2. so this message is on top
    left corner RMR:2 anybody please help me

  • Kimbley IT говорит:

    @jaganar1 Could be a faulty hard drive try another hard drive in it and see
    if the same thing happens.

  • Kimbley IT говорит:

    No doesn’t look like. The IBM Thinkpad R51 uses IDE connector. Searching
    Google your HP requires a hard drive with a SATA connection.

  • Andres Lootus говорит:

    I think i broke my thumbs by doing that…

  • Richard Roda говорит:

    IBM HDD Removal — 3 minutes, 1 screw Dell HDD Removal — 20 minutes, 15
    screws, and complete dismantling of Keyboard Whoever designs Dell laptops
    should hang their head in shame.

  • jaganar1 говорит:

    @KimbleyComputer well it takes forever to boot up so im selling it , left
    it on for 1 hr , the start up screen came up and then the screen just
    blinked like in old dos mode . appreciate it and showing me what to look
    for or else iwoud have opened the whole computer and still be puzzled . Jag

  • hipper4756 говорит:

    Hello, can u put in a bigger hard drive in a IMB?? 60 gigs is not much Thx

  • Kimbley IT говорит:

    @TheRealRedFlashlight Unfortunately I don’t have this R51 any more. If I
    get another one I’ll try to make a video for memory.

  • Marji Zintz говорит:

    Very useful! Thank you so much for creating this helpful video! Very kind
    of you!

  • rob07tg говорит:

    very useful, thankyou!

  • jootai говорит:

    Dude awesome, thank you so much, my Gf her laptop crashed ( mobo broken)
    and she needed files for her test, you saved her ass! thanks so much!

  • TheRealRedFlashlight говорит:

    Thanks for this. Would you be so kind as to make another video showing how
    to install memory in an R51? That subject seems to be non-existent on
    YouTube. Thanks.

  • Kimbley IT говорит:

    Easiest thing to do is as Google Image search for SATA hard drive
    connections and see if it looks the same as your hard drive.