How-to Lenovo Y500 adding 2nd HDD / SSD using DVD / optical drive bay

How-to Lenovo Y500 adding 2nd HDD / SSD using DVD / optical drive bay video


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  • FATASSSOVIET говорит:

    I’ve got the 750m si in mine however I’m consedering getting rid of the
    disk drive and placing another 750m in is this possible with the 750 or
    only with the 650?

  • Macauley holmes говорит:

    Does the disc drive come with the laptop?

  • ipanase megison говорит:

    nice vids sir :D

  • isobitis69 говорит:

    that screw removal at start wasn’t necessary. Ultrabay can be removed by
    sliding those 2 clips only…

  • FATASSSOVIET говорит:

    What is the caddy size?

  • Karly Johnston говорит:

    does the Y510p actually recognize a true SSD? is it as simple as this??? 

  • Rafael Ignacio Sotomayor Barros говорит:

    Hi, i want to buy it but im from chile. What do i have to do?

  • Anuparp Furlan говорит:

    Can i install windows on the ssd installed in this way? Thanks!

  • Joey Meche говорит:

    Can you do this with a graphics card for the sli option?

  • Rafael Ignacio Sotomayor Barros говорит:


  • ConceptJohnny™ говорит:

    Can you PLEASE make a video on how to remove the bracket from the old drive
    instead of showing pictures? Pictures are not clear enough… Would help a
    lot of people out.

  • AY GM говорит:

    can i make SSD for windows and cache ???

  • Jamie Olson говорит:

    How fast is the SSD with the caddy as opposed to an SSD as the main drive
    inside the machine? I’m replacing the current HD in my machine with SSD but
    was thinking about adding a second to the ultrabay on my y510p.

  • mattscb говорит:

    Is there a caddy that allows the installation of both a regular hdd and a
    nvidia interchangeable 650m? 

  • Foxy Shadis говорит:

    Your photos are so dark, blurry and low resolution that they’re no help in
    getting the faceplate off. Sorry, I really have no idea what you’re
    pointing to. :(

  • Leon Teng говорит:

    background music sounds like a relaxing porn music

  • ivok95 говорит:

    is it possible to replace the the ultrabay with the new nvidia gtx 750 sli?

  • Kalvshaga говорит:

    is there any other gaming laptops that has an ultrabay or SLI like this?

  • howey764 говорит:

    So you cannot go with a regular HDD+SSD+SLI config on this notebook?
    There´s a trade off between SSD and extra Graphics Card?

  • Isaiah McFixer говорит:

    I love my Y500

  • Christian Lee говорит:

    That’s a really cool product, but why do I have to cut something off of it?
    Why wouldn’t it just become a factory default?

  • Hope Startx говорит:

    how about y400?? the size is same???

  • blood0metal говорит:

    sweet, thanks. i’d like to clone the what i have on the system’s terabyte
    drive over to an msata ssd using the caddy and then install the ssd as the
    primary drive, this looks helpful

  • TheAssaSim говорит:

    It says HDD caddy… so do I get full speed when I put a SSD in there!? or
    it is reduces deu to the HDD caddy??

  • HDD Caddy говорит:

    Hi there, the negotiated SATA speed depends on the SATA interface of the
    optical bay. The HDD Caddy does not limit SATA transfer speed, it supports
    the maximum SATA speed (SATA3).