Lenovo IdeaPad Z500 Disassembly guide Zerlegen Austauschen Fix Replacement Disassembling Repair

Lenovo IdeaPad Z500 Disassembly guide Zerlegen Austauschen Fix Replacement Disassembling Repair video

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25 комментариев: Lenovo IdeaPad Z500 Disassembly guide Zerlegen Austauschen Fix Replacement Disassembling Repair

  • Joshua Dees говорит:

    Okay, this video is very helpful, BUT for some reason that I can’t explain,
    my CD drive is NOT coming out, hell, it won’t even budge. What’s the
    problem? (And yes, I removed the screws)

  • wretcheddog говорит:

    READ THIS!! this is NOT the way to take out the keyboard, if you read
    lenovo’s z500 manual at page 33 it says two take off the two central
    screws on the back plate and put some stick or the same screwdriver
    through the hole and pull out your keyboard of the keyboard bezel gently
    because there are two wires which connect the keyboard to the pc, if you
    follow the method on this video you will ruin and scratch your keyboard
    bezel in vain and you risk to break the keyboard and also you probably will
    break the 4 tiny flaps inside the keyboard bezel near the touchpad, which
    keep the keyboard flat and connected to the body of the pc, at lenovo italy
    assistance they broke these 2 of these flats my keyboard was bending like
    crazy then i read the manual and discover why they broke it, because the
    lenovo procedure wasn’t follow, if you follow the procedure in the video
    you risk a lot and your keyboard will probably get damage!! Do yourself a
    favor and read page 33 of z500 manual!!

  • Daniel Faiz говорит:


  • Samed bebe говорит:

    Wie tausche ich den nun den display aus?

  • nonickidea555 говорит:

    There was a tiny insect that somehow managed to get between the display
    panel and the «glass» in front of it. So far so funny but that little idiot
    died there and now there is a lifeless insect body in my sight. Is there
    any chance to take off the display cover to remove it? If there is, could
    you add another video to show how?
    Thanks a lot.

  • Peter Balmforth говорит:

    I agree with Gavin Hull below. You need to remove the keyboard before the
    optical drive and this guy makes a meal of even that. Use this manual
    instead. Worked for me.

  • Ege Konuk говорит:

    can anyone tell me about how to remove my optical driver top cover this is
    not explained on video i need help !!

  • FrozenDucks говорит:

    I Have this exact same laptop and want to know how i change my Nvidia
    GT740m GPU to An Nvidia GTX780m and where to buy the 780m GPU Seperate

  • ASgfjyhgyi говорит:

    And how we see. HP ProBook is on First place to disassembly. The easiest
    disassembling in all world!

  • dsouzand говорит:

    is it necessary to take out the keyboard too?

  • Arturas Karoblis говорит:

    So i took out the keyboard and now i want to put it back but CON1 cable
    wouldnt go in. What should I do?

  • Shelommy Katzav говорит:

    TNX !!! please load video that sow`s how to change the battery with a new

  • Abdelrahman Ibrahim говорит:

    بارك الله فيكم

  • C Douglas говорит:

    My charger cover thingy is damaged also as I saw your was in this video. It
    wont turn on and I need help.. any suggestions?

  • Siwakorn Apichitsopa говорит:

    If someone want to firmware update please click below link
    In comment at web Lenovo It support windows 8

    My OS is windows 7 64 bit . If it has error at first please run it again.

  • Bono Music говорит:

    can you take off screen? pls i need an answer. i hate the color around
    screen and i want to repaint it 😛

  • Terrence Bowman говорит:

    Thanks for this. I was wondering why I couldn’t get the drive out.

  • Setwacht502 говорит:

    this version is intlel hd 4000 only

  • Ghost-ov-Perdition говорит:

    is the battery replacable? thanks

  • Patryk Zajdel говорит:

    Ahahahaha.. 1,5min high speed to take out the keyboard. Precious. (it takes
    3 sec after unscrewing :))

  • serkalac говорит:

    He gets the keyboard wrong; he can get it from backside of the laptop. Push
    a thin screwdriver into one of the two screw holes on middle of the
    backside to pop the keyboard out from the front. 🙂

  • Mahdi Gh говорит:

    Thanks . . . Very Thanks

  • mohammad abdulwahab говорит:

    please tell me .. how many hours the battery of z500 served?? not what
    saied in lenovo site .. by your experince

  • Gavin Hull говорит:

    This guide is wrong. The DVD drive has a screw underneath the keyboard and
    that is not how you should remove the keyboard either. There are two screws
    in the middle that after undone and removed allow you to push the keyboard
    out with a thin screwdriver. This is all shown here on Youtube with this
    title «Lenovo IdeaPad Z500 Gehäuse öffnen und Festplatte / Arbeitsspeicher

  • серега ливадных говорит:

    о боже мало то что клаву открывал 4 минуты в ускореной сьемки да ещё и
    винты забыл выкрутить под ножками омг