New 2014 Apple 15.4″ MacBook Pro Notebook Computer with Retina Display (unboxing & overview)

New 2014 Apple 15.4″ MacBook Pro Notebook Computer with Retina Display (unboxing & overview) video

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The 15.4″ MacBook Pro Notebook Computer with Retina Display from Apple is a powerful notebook computer with an innovative, ultrathin, ultraportable aluminum …

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  • Duh Enlightened One говорит:

    Whenever I see a person with an Apple computer, I immediately know that
    person is less intelligent than the average person. Buying an Apple
    computer is like buying a higher-priced car that only can be driven on 6%
    of the highways. Why would anyone do it unless they lack the most basic of
    analytical skills? I mean, you just have to be a total moron to limit
    yourself with such a purchase. And let’s nor forget the unbelievably dumb
    design. The mere fact that Apple markets computers that come with a mouse
    that has 1 button shows that they think their customers are dumb. How is a
    1 button mouse a better design than a 2 button mouse with scroll wheel? As
    they say, there’s a sucker born every minute.

  • Victoria Le говорит:

    I fucking hate IOS. but apple laptop design is just so damn beautiful. I
    hope Apple and Window will team up one day make a laptop design by Apple
    and OS by Window. 

  • rami416 говорит:

    Is this the new early 2014 model or late 2014

  • Squiggles2O13 говорит:

    Nice achievement hunter song

  • Mr Sparky говорит:

    I’m going to college soon do you think I should get the MacBook Pro?.

  • IceIss Ice говорит:

    Cool apple macbook :D:D:D:D

  • Luiza Aleksanyan говорит:
  • Ahmed Mohamed говорит:

    موعد نزول هذا الحاسوب رجاء في الاسواق

  • Abhishek sharma говорит:

    C. O. O. L

  • Peter Vazakopoulos говорит:

    Very good presentation Well done man…

  • flyingwith Rachel говорит:

    I want one so bad

  • Betsy Lopez говорит:

    The price is relatively high, but in my opinion you do get what you pay
    for. I’d prefer the Pro to have more upgradeability options

  • LP говорит:

    Just in case you haven’t learned yet, here is Google’s definition of the
    word Overview: a general review or summary of a subject.

  • khdir abdulla говорит:
  • ColonelChaos0 говорит:

    What’s the song at the end of the video? Sounds like something from
    ‘Explosions In The Sky’.

  • Vrushab m n говорит:

    This is fake

  • Michael Gastelars говорит:


  • Joro Obretenov говорит:
  • Carlos Velasco CV говорит:

    that’s 2012 model u bastard!!!

  • Mohammed Labib говорит:

    How much does it cost now

  • Amarae Rasheed говорит:


  • Tamara td говорит:

    it is amazing ^_^

  • He Ha говорит:

    Snow leopard ? Now mavericks lah dick head

  • Vera Eleogram говорит:

    Simple short and suite. THANK YOU

  • NickTub3 говорит:

    How on earth is that a review??