The Greatest Notebook on the Planet: The EUROCOM Scorpius

The Greatest Notebook on the Planet: The EUROCOM Scorpius video

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EUROCOM Scorpius and Scorpius 3.D The Scorpius was designed as a high performance notebook computer platform with long lifespan and full upgradeability. Scor…

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  • Farnese Vandimion говорит:

    Is there any diference between the Scorpius 3 and the X7? I ask this
    because I want this Notebook to play on but I don´t like the design of the

  • Johnny Santiago говорит:

    can I use this computer 4 pro audio production such as pro tools and vst

  • meggerman говорит:

    break dancing laptops FTW

  • ("RNA0ROGER") говорит:

    Would a small water pump do it.

  • Kings Royal Vapor говорит:

    I think I’ve found my answer as to who is the maker of the fastest laptop
    in the world. EUROCOM ! Putting desktop or server processors in the body of
    a laptop, absolutely brilliant.

  • TheBlackIdentety говорит:

    Could you guys plz make a vid of the new 670mx and 675mx? I’m interested in
    their PCB layout.

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    Not sure. Any computer or electronic component shop should have them. You
    should be able to find them on Ebay as well. Good luck!

  • Stanislav Potanin говорит:

    If i have 4Gb GTX680m it means that i have 2x2Gb cards or 1x4Gb card? Is it
    requires 2 power supply?

  • Slade Wilson говорит:

    Wish I had the Money to buy it, your biggest fan from Morocco

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    I found a forum post in regards to your error. Can’t guarantee anything but
    one of the suggestions should work I tried to post
    the full link but YouTube intervened. Try googling your error.

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    I dont believe Alienware offers that card. They are only available in iMac
    desktops I think.

  • Aasim Hidayat говорит:

    please dont use music in next vids its distorting.

  • Alex Lance говорит:

    This is the most amazing laptop in the world!

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:


  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    Sure. Stay tuned!

  • ("RNA0ROGER") говорит:

    Could we put this into a netbook.

  • meggerman говорит:

    that would be «distracting» but yes i agree although the music was quite

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    How the heat-sinks look has nothing to do with how well they cool the
    components. I can assure you again, the cooling capability of the Scorpius
    is more than adequate.

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    Our heat sinks are more than adequate, thank you.

  • tostyleun говорит:

    It opened when I installed Net.framework 4.0 but once I restarted my PC the
    problem was back.Thanks for the concern though:)

  • Emmanuel Kant говорит:

    When will the Panther 5.0 quad gpu be available?

  • ParagonNovaJR говорит:

    do i need to have the xotic (alienware) laptop to have the GTX 680MX?

  • Bugs Bunny говорит:

    Can’t hear nothing of what you’re saying, your background audio is louder
    than your voice!

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    Thank you!

  • TheBlackIdentety говорит:

    If the heatsinks don’t align properly with the fan than the air pressure
    will drop resulting in high temps. I doubt I need to explain this to you.
    Sloppy and cheap. Clevo just didn’t bother designing a new fan and proper
    heatsinks for it. Trying to cover it up doesn’t make the problem go away.
    It’s sad really. AW has good cooling but those shitty glossy screens ruin
    their laptops. This can support a 3d matt screen but the cooling is
    garbage. Why can’t anyone design a proper sli notebook? Sigh