How to upgrade and dismantle a Dell 17R N7110

How to upgrade and dismantle a Dell 17R N7110 video

Video Рейтинг: 4 / 5 shows you how to upgrade and dismantle a Dell inspiron 17R (N7110). Learn how to upgrade the memory, hard drive, wifi cards or how to replace the sc…

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  • yousifarradbro говорит:

    I would say it takes maybe an hour to get to the processor. I want to
    change mine to intel 7, i have 2010 version btw

  • MathSquare говорит:

    You forgot about the graphics card. How do I remove it?

  • Rudolf Popelár говорит:


  • Kyoshi Hide говорит:

    I had a dell 17r n7110 like this one, but the motherboard fucked up and I
    got a new one, all the serials match, perfect fit, but it thinks it is a
    Dell Vostro now.

    Over a past few days the computer doesn’t want to start up, I push the
    power button, it starts to turn on like usual, but it cuts of with a click,
    usually after a few seconds, but the time varies a lot, from 0.5 to 15
    seconds. After some tries it starts up normally and works flawlessly.

    I can’t say for sure but it seems that if I have less stuff connected to
    the computer while I start up, the chance the chance of a normal boot is
    increased. Cant figure out what is wrong, this shit seems to have no logic
    to it, like it depends on my luck, but that can’t be.

    Kinda reminds me of pushing the power button again while turning the
    computer on, which stops the computer from booting up. I’ll try re-seating
    the cord that connects the power button to motherboard because I recently
    installed a new backlit keyboard, maybe I was sloppy. After doing that I am

  • SantaTheSleigher говорит:

    this was very helpful, I had gotten this from a friend who said it was
    broken and didn’t want it, so I fixed it up and now it runs like new!

  • shark30005 говорит:

    What type of socket does the N7010 have. Because I’ve googled about it a
    lot but have found nothing.

  • koostopyy говорит:

    like if ur watchin this on the ur dell 17r N7110 while disassembling

  • Sunny Lee говорит:
  • thuy le говорит:

    Do you know what SSD will work well with Dell 17R N7110?

  • TheRealSabakuNoGabo говорит:

    I don’t have the green tool you use in 1:30, what can I use to release the
    plastic tabs in the top of the keyboard keyboard? Thanks!!!

  • videogameobsession говорит:

    What was Dell thinking making it so hard to get to the hard drive?
    It’s beyond ridiculous.

  • Claire Watling говорит:

    Brilliant. Many thanks for a well made guide — to understanding my
    favourite monster.

  • Stephen Sparkman говорит:

    Great tutorial, Very helpful. However I was hoping that you would point out
    the location of the video cards since you had it taken apart. Apparently
    some models come with dual video cards. They are the Intel HD3000 and a
    discrete NVidia GT 525M. I believe mine only has the Intel as it is the
    only one listed by my device manager but I would like to locate where they
    are so I can find out for sure. I want to add a 525M if the mount is there
    for it. I’m also finding motherboards for sale online that have the 525M
    already installed and that may be the way to go. I’m still researching my
    options. I’m not sure I want to do anything until the reassembly video is

  • Tony Pirog говорит:

    Excellent video. Exceptional quality. Very helpful. Thank you. Now I can
    replace the hard drive. Not as easy as I had hoped. Sigh. Still, thanks a
    lot. :-)

  • Cameron Litvin говорит:

    Very helpful video. Needed to upgrade the hard drive, read the service
    manual but still wasn’t sure about how to get to it until finding this
    video. Agree with user that said «What was Dell thinking’ putting the
    drive in such a difficult place to get to. I won’t purchase another Dell
    that is for sure. Thank you!

  • Eric Maher говорит:

    Very useful play by play. I used it to access my wi-fi adapter. There might
    be slight variations to the number of screws holding the cover, though (I
    had 13 to remove, not to mention the 2 under the battery and the 2 under
    the dvd player, which means you also have to remove the screw that holds it
    to slide it out). My advice, whatever your model: stop prying when it
    starts bending, and instead, look for more screws!
    So big thanks. I would have never known how to open it otherwise.

  • Tyler Mikell говорит:

    Is there a video I can find on how to just change the case? I have a blue
    and silver 17r 1tb hd I’d just like to change the color to the all black
    case and a blue backlit keyboard if possible.I really like this video very
    helpful thumbs up

  • Xristina Marie говорит:

    Yes installed a new hard drive thank you :)

  • DrPosev говорит:

    NEED HELP OR OPINION : i dismantled my n7110. then collect it alltogether
    correctly. And now i have a problem with my HD 3000. when windows comes to
    login screen it just shuts of the computer. when i uninstall gpu drivers in
    Safe Mode then the laptop opens correctly. can some1 give me an idea. i am
    working on it for 4 days for god`s sake ! please

  • rdk2ooo говорит:

    Whats the latest CPU this board will support?

  • Alberto Molina говорит:

    Útil video para los que tenemos un equipo de éstos. :)

  • Joe Sort говорит:

    Perfect! Thanks for the detailed tutorial. I needed to get to the power
    jack. I will repet vidiogameobsession’s comment. What was Dell thinking?!
    Also, +skydyverjym No you don’t need to remove the motherboard (or the
    cooling fan)

  • Dan Tong говорит:

    Excellent video, thanks. This Dell has the worst mechanical design I’ve
    seen, major disassembly to change the HD.

  • repzah говорит:

    THANK YOU ! Greetings from Serbia :)

  • Valician Xandalast говорит:

    excellent video, first time opening laptop. 20 min later cooling fan
    replaced! great job!