NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M Video Card Upgrade Guide by Eurocom

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M Video Card Upgrade Guide by Eurocom video

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A quick look at a Video Card / GPU upgrade procedure in a Notebook computer.

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  • Miguel Collado говорит:

    I own a HP EliteBook 8540w, they run MXM_3.0b correct?
    limit would be gtx460M — 470M? Thank you in advance!

  • Nhan Huynh говорит:

    hi, i have a asus k53sd , with i7 2630Qm and 8GB ram, and a nvidia geforce
    610M-2GB , can i upgrade my video card to amd 7670 and replace my cpu to a
    4th chip one? 

  • yamakaro говорит:

    Hi Eurocom!
    I have HP Pavilion dv6-7029tx Entertainment Notebook PC which has Nvidia
    Geforce 630M 2GB gpu. I would like to upgrade to a good MXM-A type gpu that
    would be able to run games like Assassin’s Creed 4, which my current gpu
    sadly can’t.
    I would hugely appreciate any suggestions :)

  • Girish Thapa говорит:

    i have intel 3000 integrated graphics in my lenovo G580 laptop can i
    upgrade it into nvidia GTX 360

  • J4ckKun говорит:

    hi i got a eurocom gtx 460 , i want upgrade my alienware m15x dell made ,
    but the GPU IS HOT! 

  • Don Tofino говорит:

    On a 1st place I need to tell you that i have no Eurocom notebook, just
    MSi. My question in: Is it possible that motherboard cannot support newer
    GPU ?. Sorry about my english ;)

  • lordjohn lee говорит:

    Hi Can I Upgrade My Laptop Iam Using Asus S550C I Would Really Like To
    Change The Nvidia to 700m Can i Thanks In Advance

  • KenadiYou говорит:

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L635, is it possible to change the graphics?

  • ChampionPride2009 говорит:

    what was the graphics card of that HP laptop before you upgraded it with
    GTX 460m?

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    from what I have seen, they are always soldered on the motherboard.

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    I am not very familiar with that system. Is the 460M removable?

  • agilNRW говорит:

    yes, its removable.looks the same like the 560m

  • SenorCajones говорит:

    The music made me queasy. I had to boot, by the mid-point of the video.
    Please guys, don’t use that music again. Also, you need a wee bit of a
    higher end mic for less of the tin can sound…haha, unless you did that on
    purpose with audio effects.

  • slev12321 говорит:

    can you upgrade from intelHD graphics?

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    I believe that system only has discrete graphics, so no, the graphics card
    cannot be upgraded.

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    That is definitely possible. contact support@eurocom.com to inquire further.

  • Sash TheStampede говорит:

    pretty late I realize, but I’m looking at installing this in my M17X r2.
    Possible? Is there a need to flash the vbios on my card or anything? Thanks

  • White Thunder говорит:

    Could I upgrade a Graphics Card of my ASUS X44L?

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    ASUS are typically quite difficult or impossible to upgrade.

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    Asus notebooks typically use non standard MXM vga cards, meaning
    conventional cards will not fit inside your notebook. I would suggest
    taking a look inside at your vga card.

  • pollymk322 говорит:

    Could i put this card into my Alienware M15x laptop?

  • csnolimitecss говорит:

    Okay. Thx for replying :), that was helpful.

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    It is more…what is compatible with your Toshiba?

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    It may be possible. please contact sales@eurocom.com and they can provide
    more assistance.

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    They are both MXM 3 spec graphics cards so it is definitely possible.