MSI GX660R Gaming Notebook SSD RAID Upgrade Guide Linus Tech Tips

MSI GX660R Gaming Notebook SSD RAID Upgrade Guide Linus Tech Tips video

Video Рейтинг: 4 / 5 This is a rockin’ laptop. With two SSDs in RAID0 as the boot drive, it’s even more rockin’!

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  • Jakob Svensson говорит:

    Nice CD throw 07:39.

  • paradoxdesigns говорит:

    I’m going to try this on my GT683 with two HyperX SSD’s. things should get

  • Bobby Guzman говорит:

    Can you PLEAAAAAAAAAASE do an unboxing and review on this!!! Please, I want
    advice before I get it from a pro like yourself! MSI GX Series GX70

  • Warren Wong Yee Ket говорит:

    @chrisfur2 Linus’ brother??

  • PrezAbeLincoln говорит:

    So it is obvious that you dont like Norton….what would you suggest Linus?

  • neftyjac говорит:

    the gt70 comes with Msata SSD you can put another 128gb drive so it can be
    the so called SUPER RAID 0 that comes with the gt70 and the other drive is
    pretty easy just snap the 750gb hard drive in it and is ready to go.

  • Cody H говорит:

    can I haz one of those scorpios?

  • stealer0517 говорит:

    my father broke 1tb on his music (he pretty much download all of the shit
    from limewire at the time)

  • darknsquirel говорит:

    @FELIX0123 watch carefully u dumb ass

  • chrisfur2 говорит:

    whoa, fucking ghost in the back at 9:12

  • 1980KNIGHTRIDER говорит:

    @adv1k ok but why do you care? if you were «G» ??

  • lolz651 говорит:

    @HumzaAhmed155 The SSD make it Faster even if it 80GB

  • Anonymus711 говорит:

    I’m sure his unboxing-knife feels betrayed because he used a screwdriver to
    open the ssd box.

  • TechnoProdigy говорит:

    «Internets» lol

  • acogscopepwn говорит:

    those things are so tiny XD

  • zak2501 говорит:

    @consumev i saw linus at a davie street gay bar (thats vancouvers gay

  • stealer0517 говорит:

    80 gigs raid 0 is plenty for mine! since i just use the interwebs

  • epic211pst говорит:

    23 seconds 😀

  • yazanm2 говорит:

    have gt683R…. …still want dual SSD so baaad…

  • puppetmassster говорит:

    @alampandatennisrack It always has for me. You can even record the videos
    the same way you record games.

  • GamingGoat говорит:

    LOL «Real Operating system» fail joke is fail

  • GTAVince говорит:

    Do you think it’s possible to put an SSD in a PS3? I have the PS3 slim
    which haves a 250GB Toshiba harddisk

  • sawakadin говорит:

    lol leopard cat??

  • Robert S говорит:

    @HumzaAhmed155 SPEED

  • oopswipps говорит: