Toughbook 31 vs. ATV

Toughbook 31 vs. ATV video

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In this video, shot with a LUMIX GH1 DSLR, the Toughbook 31 is pitted against a motocross course located in the Kii Mountain Range on the Japanese island of …

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  • Arakmatzu говорит:

    …Why close the thing.

  • Antonio Bellostas говорит:

    LOL ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • Vinod Kumar V говорит:

    This is why so many automobile companies are using it as automotive
    diagnostic testers.

  • podotresno говорит:

    Chuck Norris Laptop

  • Carlos Mark говорит:
  • Mike Diligent говорит:

    now do that while its opened :)

  • Rosario Rodriguez говорит:
  • pakidesigner говорит:

    LOL 🙂 !

  • Chris Walther говорит:

    @cdguy47 Until you set the power settings to do nothing when you close the

  • Mark Trinidad говорит:

    @RemcoM013 they have a lid that CLOSE the US pORTS! so its safe

  • Drachenreiterklaus говорит:

    Yeah, please try this with a mac book!

  • ConservativeAnthem говорит:


  • mohammed hussein говорит:

    try dropping a NOKIA 3310 on it 🙂

  • bamduk говорит:

    да хня все это, я тоже так про свой ноут могу видео снять, а потом в конце
    видео взять другой измазать грязью сверху и показать типа работатет. вот
    еслиб целиковым видео было снято без нарезок, тогда еще и можно поверить, а
    так все это хня!

  • argeon100 говорит:

    i was waiting for the blue screen

  • Minh Thanh говорит:

    Cậu làm gì thế :O

  • thrashmulisha3000 говорит:

    Who seriously cares what people think about what computer your using

  • itsnophun говорит:

    Pros: — Can be dropped without sustaining much damage — Waterproof Cons: —
    Around 10 times as expensive as a comparable laptop — Around twice as heavy
    as a comparable laptop — Very big — Very slow Only place you really want to
    use this laptop is somewhere with a lot of water and filth pouring down.
    For example a construction site or your shower.

  • luke japaridze говорит:

    that laptop probably wants to kill itself but it can’t cause its a
    toughbook lol

  • Eeva Gunnd говорит:

    nokia is it brothers

  • daudienrique говорит:

    lie.advertising only

  • osman veras говорит:

    kkkk e viva a Panasonic kkk no Brasil custa R$ 30,000,00 mil reais kkkkk

  • Soloman говорит:

    haha, the ultimate test! Niice!

  • greivlooe говорит:

    The computer of Chuck Norris

  • UZI9MMAUTO говорит:

    Now put it in microwave for 5 seconds and tell me it survives? If it cant
    survive a EMP then its just ‘tougher’ than most notebooks.