NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M, 870M or 860M upgrade installation in the EUROCOM X3

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M, 870M or 860M upgrade installation in the EUROCOM X3 video

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The EUROCOM X3, the fastest 15.6″ laptop on the planet gets even faster with new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M MXM 3.0b graphics with 8GB of GDDR5. The custom buil…

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  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    +Brian Nebres no, sorry. Intel graphics cannot be replaced by NVIDIA or
    AMD MXM 3.0b graphics.

  • Valdebertus Lucius говорит:

    Hi, Thanks for the video, but I’d like to know where to buy a gtx 880m

  • Samuel Gaiya говорит:

    The Eurocom costs like how much?

  • Fight Luca говорит:

    I own th aw 17 and i am looking foward to upgrade my gtx765m to a 880m. But
    wher i can buy the 880m?

  • HyGhost говорит:

    Are the thermal pads needed? 

  • thelasthallow говорит:

    8GB of video memory is fucking overkill. if you were running 6 monitors at
    some insane resolution then yeah. but its a Laptop GPU and is not nearly as
    powerful as its desktop counterpart so there is no need what so ever for
    8GB of Video memory.

  • GamingGod216 говорит:

    I own a MSI GT70 with a GTX 675m and a Intel 4000HD, Can I SLI the 880M in

  • con hoang говорит:

    where to buy that card ??

  • Samuel Gaiya говорит:

    +EurocomTechnology can you get the Geforce GTX SLI 880M [16BG DDR5] on the
    X3? Cause I prefer that to the X7 [since it weighs less]

  • TH3L3THALH3R0 говорит:

    where to buy this and could you use this on any motherboard?

  • MsAnoPoYun говорит:

    is there anyway you could do this in alienware 14?

  • Adnan Abdul Moneam говорит:

    Hi, I’ve an MSI GT60 Dominator, could the graphic card be upgradable?

  • Yuval Steuer говорит:

    what is the best graphic card for a laptop?

  • Lowe Tom говорит:

    Are there any choices of 880M in SLI in the Scorpius 3D2? It seems that it
    only offers 780M.

  • Prasannavenkatesh Babu говорит:

    Hi I have a msi gt60 2 oc with gtx 770m is it possible to upgrade it with
    880m ….

    Ps: am from India got the laptop from us

  • MarioSuperMario говорит:

    Hi, I have a :Sony VAIO SVE1512M1EW», is it possible to upgrade the
    videocard to the 880m?Thanks :)

  • GweiTheLeafChild говорит:

    I have a Sager NP6350, is it possible for me to upgrade to 880m?

  • Houtan Amidi говорит:

    Where can I buy this for my alienware 17x. I have the 780M

  • Bram Stoelinga говорит:

    Hi, I have a Clevo p150sm-a, is it possible to upgrade the videocard to the
    Is there a link where I van buy it?

  • Kris Dean говорит:

    Hi, looks pretty much like a remade Clevo.. Am I able to install this card
    to replace my GTX680M?

  • Brian Nebres говорит:

    Hi i have an ASUS X451CA and have only Intel Graphics. Is it possibly to
    upgrade it to Nvidia GeForce? Thanks.

  • nocthal говорит:

    i own a 17 wich is now 2 years old and i have a gtx 660M, is it possible to
    upgrade my laptop with the GTX 880M? Wil it fit?

  • GHOST™ говорит:

    i have hp pavilion 15 notebook pc with amd radeon 8240. can i upgrade it to
    geforce gtx 860m? i am not sure if it’s possible

  • UnlimateDDDDDDDD говорит:


  • EurocomTechnology говорит: