NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M VGA upgrade in Alienware m17x

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M VGA upgrade in Alienware m17x video

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A quick and easy upgrade of the Alienware M17x graphics card to an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M. EUROCOM Components For Sale: http://web.eurocom.com/ec/ecu_model_…

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  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    +LineKnob Yes, a 765M would be a good upgrade. Yes, it would give you a
    great performance boost. Good luck!

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    +BrownBoyGamingBBG Yes, the 650M is a good VGA card. There are more
    powerful cards but the 650M is good.

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    +Bruno Kasper Mlodozeniec Yes, the 780M works in the M17x r4. Yes, they
    are both MXM 3.0b cards that fit into the MXM 3.0b slot. 

  • Henning .Markussen говорит:

    Can i fit the nvidia geforce 800 series in a m17x r4 and where do I buy a

  • AG Zakuariku говорит:

    somone sellign the Alienware M17xR3 with gtx560m its kinda slow what can i
    upgrade it to withoiut haviung to change the psu

  • Mercuraz говорит:

    Thanks so much! This was very informative! However, what’s with the ESD
    thing? Or that green wired cable around your wrist? Is it to prevent any
    electric shocks?

  • EcripArts говорит:

    Before I can upgrade I can’t renew my BIOS nor GPU drivers because the
    thing won’t stay on long enough with the current GPU, would this form any
    serious issues? (Alienware m17x with a 560M going to a 660M)

  • Steven Chheng говорит:

    So if I have a an AMD Radeon HD 6870m, would this installment work?

  • Miserly Nebula говорит:

    Is it worth it upgrading a laptop gpu?

  • Sary P говорит:

    Can this fit my mx17 r3?

  • Jamie Hasted говорит:

    Hello, Don’t you need custom drivers to run a 780m in the R4?

  • Mindistortt говорит:

    Hi! I have the Alienware M17x R4 with a 675M installed.

    In case of upgrading to another card (superior), will I have to change AC
    adapter too?

    Where can I buy another card that fits with my motherboard specs? or the
    same one? I’m interested on know prices,

  • Matthew Rowe говорит:

    Just bought the kit, and managed to loose 2 of the screws that go into the
    780m x bracket. Any idea on where I can purchase a new set of 4? Thanks!

  • kieng uy Heng говорит:

    hi i’m interested in upgrading m17x r4 gtx675m to amd 8970m without
    changing any components. will it be possible and do i need to modified
    anything to fix the new card?

  • Wouter van der Meulen говорит:

    Does this work with the R3?

  • Khairy Zayed говорит:

    Hey I have an Alienware m18xr1 (from about march 2011), I currently have a
    GeForce GTX 580M, what are the supported cards I can upgrade to? Thanks so

  • Keith Groves говорит:

    Any idea how to take a black plate off the card? any help would be great..
    I’m trying to upgrade my gtx 765m to a 780m.. Struggling to take the
    backplate off the 765 its well held on.. it seems very sticky anyway if
    someone can help that would be great.

  • Kaizer777 говорит:

    A question, I have an asus G75VW with a gtx670m .. you think it is possible
    to upgrade this computer to a gtx780m? (I am aware of the fact that it not
    uses the same graphics targetas of Alienware.)

  • Fun and Roll Segway Bonaire говорит:

    My 780 doesnt seem to work in my mx17r3 it has the latest bios but it is
    hanging at startup, iff i remove the card it starts up fine 

  • Chris J говорит:

    Will the amd 6990m require thermal pads as well?

  • Michael Ryder говорит:

    I know I have a alienware 18 but aren’t the graphics cards smoldered onto
    the motherboard??

  • Frodo Hobbit говорит:

    Hi I am currently running a nividia gtx 675m in my alienware m17x r4. I am
    thinking of upgrading it to a gtx 880m without changing the rest of my
    components. Will this improve my gaming performance greatly? I am new at
    this. Sorry if the question is stupid :P.

  • Reshad Ibrahimov говорит:

    Hi, I have a question whether it is possible to set or change the video
    card on the model (ASUS G750 Series) to this new model or models can
    install video card (NV GTX 880M). thank you

  • LordCuthberton говорит:

    Will this upgrade work with the standard M17x?

  • Matthew Norman говорит:

    Would anybody be able to help me? i Own a AlienWare Mx17XR3 and was wanting
    to upgrade the graphics card. The one in the vid above is a little out of
    the price range however, I did manage to find a card on the Ebay web shop
    that was linked in the description, its the ALIENWARE M15x/M17x/M18X VGA
    Upgrade Kit; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M;2GB DDR5 I just Need to know weather
    or not this will fit or not and will the upgrade be worth it? this is the
    card i am currently running 1GB GDDR5 AMD Radeon HD 6870M Thanks in advance
    Matt From Australia