How to install/upgrade SSD on laptop «Toshiba C660»

How to install/upgrade SSD on laptop «Toshiba C660» video

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In this video I upgraded my laptop’s normal HDD to an Intel 330 series SSD drive. The video contains the actual hardware replacement and also installing wind…

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  • XMcKee12 говорит:

    I love how you are acting like your so famous and getting so many comments
    and you won’t reply to anyone. Clearly you don’t give a shit about this you
    just do it for the money -_- #dislike

  • joyswizz говорит:

    i’m planning to install sss drive into my toshibaP870-31N. My question is
    after replacing ssd, do i Need to insert the recovery cd or just run it to
    start? I wanted to try to install on my own. thanks

  • Giannos Petsas говорит:

    can i get 1tb hdd???? 

  • Samuel Oryem говорит:

    hey can you please make a tutorial on how to replace the usb socket for

  • David Sosa говорит:

    Sorry in Advance if I don’t know the correct terminology as I am barely
    getting into upgrading. I have a Toshiba Satellite C655 can I use the same
    SSD card that you used in this video? Can I get an SSD card with more GBs?
    I like this video man very educational.

  • Dennis G говорит:

    Yeah thanks for this video. Thinking of doing the same with my Toshiba L850
    laptop. Do you really feel the difference on your laptop? Since I feel my
    Harddrive in the laptop is pushing my performance down. And could I do this
    with my Windows 8 laptop the same way as you did? I can make recovery disks
    with the Toshiba Recovery program. Always possible to put my HDD back if
    its not going as planned 😀

  • rayd1994 говорит:

    LOL my favorite part of the video….»GO…GO AWAY YOU HAVE EVERYTHING!»

  • frederick arellano говорит:

    Nice video!!! helps a lot..also planning to upgrade my satellite L645 hdd
    with a samsung 840 pro ssd.

  • Electronics Engineering Tutorials говорит:

    Yeah as I told you in PM, the difference between SSD and HDD is a lot! If
    your budget allows go for it! The recovery media should let you install
    fresh windows just like when you got the laptop first time.