Replace keyboard — Apple Macbook A1342

Replace keyboard — Apple Macbook A1342 video

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Замена клавиатуры ( топкейса ) на ноутбуке Apple Macbook A1342. How to replace keyboard in Apple Macbook A1342.

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  • Vicente I. Rosario C. говорит:

    People, the text he wrote itś right [Replace keyborard]; like you i was
    thinking about how to UNGLUE the parts and replace the keyboard, that’s the
    answer we all looking for. But, the video was cool. DO NOT UNGLUE the
    points, thatś because e keyboard it’s made from various layers that are
    joint with the GLUE part, I’ll try to fix the POWER BUTTON but the best you
    can do it’s to replace for new one or bypass the power button with
    adaptation with another switch or configure the BIOS to power up with a
    combination of press key. That’s how i figure it out and solve the power up

  • Afanasiy Artemiev говорит:
  • Saul Hudson говорит:

    You just replaced the top case including the keyboard as one unit. As J Ro
    mentioned, you need to «unglue» the keyboard if that is all you wish to
    replace. On later macbooks you can infact remove just the keyboard. It has
    about 60 minute screws holding it in but it’s far better than they way
    Apple did it with the A1342. It’s a complete pain in the ass!

  • J Ro .InAnch говорит:

    You didn’t replace the keyboard. In fact, without prying it apart from all
    that glue in the top case, you cannot remove the keyboard. All you did was
    take was disassemble and reassemble. Perhaps the text you put up halfway
    (in Russian) said something about the keyboard?

  • itsell запчасти и ремонт ноутбуков говорит:

    Замена клавиатуры на ноутбуке Apple Macbook A1342