NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M SLI upgrade in Alienware M18x R1

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M SLI upgrade in Alienware M18x R1 video

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A quick and easy upgrade of the Alienware M18x graphics system to dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M’s in SLI. EUROCOM Components For Sale: http://web.eurocom.com/…

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  • Ortega2Productions говорит:

    Since the RAM on the Razer blade 14 is soldered, you wouldn’t happen to be
    able to upgrade it despite being soldered?

  • ♠Ripley♠ говорит:

    Awww such tender music.. Question though for serious, Can this be done with
    Alienware M17X R2 w/ I7 940xm, 16GB —> Is it possible since it is capable
    of SLI and or Crossfire along with utilizing m18X’s power supply?

  • KerzzanGamAEplay говорит:

    ?????? All that?!! in other installations is only put the GTX in its
    place, no more…

  • Isoqov Bf говорит:

    На ноутбуках серии asus g750 возможно поменять видеокарту как на этих?

  • Binghong Li говорит:

    great video, I’m having a problem with upgrading the M18 R3 with 770MSLI
    since I do need to upgrade the heatsinks to 3 pipes too, any idea where can
    I get them?

  • William Hewitt говорит:

    Is the video card removable on the Alienware 14?

  • S0URC3iD говорит:

    I would like to upgrade my single 660m to an SLI of 780m’s and replace my
    CPU’s heatsink. I have had trouble trying to find where these can be
    purchased and what heatsinks I should use, if you could point me in the
    right direction it would be very helpful!

  • rafaadiz говорит:

    gtx780m cable equals GTX 880m, alienware 18?

  • Louis-Pascal Noel говорит:

    I already own two 780m in my m18x r2, would it be a good update for two
    880m ?ty u

  • YFR-Tyrannon 4k говорит:

    Does the 2014 alienware 17 support sli?

  • TheSpore35 говорит:

    Can you upgrade the processor as well as the gpu of Alienware 18 (2013

  • Diego Antonio Cruz Padilla говорит:

    Upload a video updating a Razer Blade :)

  • dreddric говорит:

    What’s the part number for the heatsink for this card?

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:
  • Shaun Oligo говорит:

    Hi +EurocomTechnology !!! Would it be possible to upgrade my Alienware M17x
    (r4)’s GPU into this one? Thanks!

  • mrblackhawk07 говорит:

    This is an amazing laptop. I love the keyboard. It reminds me desktop
    keyboards. Briliiant. It is TOO SHAME that Alienware has replaced it with
    chicklet keyboard. Stupids…

  • Michael Ryder говорит:

    How much money would it cost to upgrade to 880m sli in my alienware 18?

  • shad m говорит:

    music is so relaxing

  • PCHCP говорит:

    all of that just to do a SLI upgrade… Still not so easy like other
    high-end gaming notebooks

  • Steven Xeckt говорит:

    will it work on my, m17xr2??? thank you in advance 

  • Dion D-Divine говорит:

    Does ASUS ROG G750 Series G750JZ-DS71 supports SLI?

  • Hawkar-kurdish latif говорит:

    Hello there
    I have alienware m18x r1
    Core i7 2860qm
    10 gb ram
    Single gtx 460m

    My question is, do I need better heatsink? And ac adapter to upgrade to gtx
    880m sli?

    Thanks in advance

  • Shadow Plays говорит:

    Hmm, wonder if my M18x R2 can be upgraded from the Crossfire 7970m to SLI
    880m… I find I don’t use it anymore since my desktop has a 780ti

    I either need to sell it or upgrade it

    Also any way of upgrading the display on my W110er? (same as the eurocom
    monster) I have the terrible matte TN panel and the viewing angles are

  • Andrew Hanson говорит:

    I have an m18x R1, and I plan to do a dual gpu upgrade, Apparently 2 880m’s
    are not just plug and play, the install requires changing a configuration
    file for the alienware to recognize the new cards? 

  • Brandon Imray говорит:

    Is the alienware 14 possible to be upgraded to 880m as it does support the
    gtx 765m which the alienware 17 supports?