how to upgrade ram memory harddisk hdd in acer acer 5733 5733z 5742 5742z 5750 5750z

how to upgrade ram memory harddisk hdd in acer acer 5733 5733z 5742 5742z 5750 5750z video

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In this small video we show you how to upgrade ram/memory in your acer 5733 notebook. this method is the same for 5733z,5742,5742z,5750,5750g,5755.

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  • John McLaggan говорит:

    Thanks, it looked like the hard drive should just slide away but on the
    first go it was very stiff so useful to know I was doing it correctly and
    there was nothing else securing it.

  • aya321 говорит:

    What size screwdriver do you use?

  • preflightGOYR говорит:

    I have the acre 5733 with 4GB memory. Can I upgrade to 2 sticks of 4GB? My
    DJ software maxes out the 4 GB and freezes.

  • Techstore говорит:


  • Edgardo Santiago говорит:

    Great video

  • PavelAndro говорит:

    i have learned so much stuff about my laptop from this video and the
    comments 😀

  • Frosty505 говорит:

    can i upgrade the video card in this laptop

  • silentscope87 говорит:

    Thank you for the Tutorial 😀

  • TrveIrrlicht говорит:

    That’s why I searched for a tutorial. I knew where the RAM is but I
    couldn’t open the cover «very gently». So A+++ tutorial, thanks.

  • Austin говорит:

    I have this exavt computer. I was wondering , If I upgrade from 4GB to 8GB
    will I be able to play minecraft at better FPS? Above 40-50?

  • Edge Photography говорит:

    I just love your accent 😀 Thanks for making this, i’ll may upgrade my RAM
    on my Acer AP 5742… Looks so easyyyyy!!!

  • JRParadox говорит:

    Thanks for this, just upgraded RAM in my 5742 from 4GB to 8GB

  • Alex Crawford говорит:

    Perfect! Thank you

  • Munna Karmakar говорит:

    hey der buddy im useing acer 5750z…this video help me a lot ty..i nt to
    knw is it expand wit video card as well? Plz help me..(^_^)

  • JuicyMiah говорит:

    What bus speed is the RAM running e.g. 1333mhz or 1600mhz.

  • sappababba говорит:

    You don’t need to wear an anti-static when working on computers. I’ve been
    working on computers for 5+ years and have never worn an anti-static strap.
    If it were the early 90’s then I would wear a wrist-strap.

  • Theoneandonly говорит:

    The battery and touching contacts is correct however a wrist strap isn’t
    necessary. Instead of wearing those you can easily touch something such as
    a computer case to make sure you wont shock any computer parts. Just a
    heads up not trying to be smart ass.

  • Liam Beresford говорит:

    Cheers for this video yeah it , must complement you on your English, well
    spoken Sir. it a simple way of replacing you ram if anyone doesn’t
    understand you slot the memory in like so it should snap back and connect
    to the soldering on the green circuit board. i think? but all i know is i
    have the 5742 its a pig to get the back off thought it for the protection
    of the laptop! and for the hard drive just like scapper276 says unscrew and
    hardish push to the right it should slot out. No probs. 😉

  • APOKOLYPES говорит:

    could you update this video on how to remove memory from the acer aspire
    series also? upgrading to 8gb RAM with 2x4gb DDR 1066, but came
    preinstalled with 2x2gb DDR memory

  • Kraken Gaming говорит:

    ikr i was like what a fucking idiot

  • AftershocK YT говорит:

    No point in this with acer aspire 5733 it already has 6 gb ram

  • fa30rapoter говорит:

    Thank for your video ,i just don’t know how to change my laptop’s hard disk.

  • weinerschnitzelboy говорит:

    It depends on the computer. My friend’s 5733 only has 4

  • Haresh Chavda говорит:

    Very useful

  • tbw. tim говорит:

    great tutorial … however i have had a big problem with my hdd in this
    type of laptop and i would like to know how much costs a new hitachi hdd
    for this acer? also can i use an external hdd to replace the one inside?
    the one inside got broken when my laptop got dropped on the floor by little
    brother :p ! thnx in advance 🙂