How to replace lcd screen of HP Compaq Notebook

How to replace lcd screen of HP Compaq Notebook video

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Detailed tutorial on replacing LCD screen of Compaq Presario F700 series and HP Pavilion dv6000 series notebook. Important notes on how I organize screws and…

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  • CorruptCom говорит:

    you never need to thank anyone who watches your videos. it is us the
    viewers who need to heap as much praise as possible upon you. you have
    saved me time and money and I truly thank you. If you were here I’d buy you
    a beer or 2.

  • Milinda Fernando говорит:


  • Shytyana Pinkney говорит:

    What tools did you use

  • Alex McKinney говорит:

    can you put a presario cq56 screen in a presario cq57???

  • Milinda Fernando говорит:

    i have compaq presario v3000 notebook,,computer is working,,but display not

  • protonbart говорит:

    Never make a negative comment, but you def know what your doing but the
    sound and video quality is brutal and the sound effects are too much.

  • raiderlove4life говорит:

    awesome video.

  • simba7414 говорит:

    So does this go for the dv7 series?

  • trpheartbreaker1 говорит:

    Do i need a ground wristing strap in order to do this myself?

  • Country Ranger говорит:

    Wow thank you!!! just what I was looking for, I have a bit of an angry
    problem 😛 and threw my comp against the wall and cracked the LCD inside.

  • jarcom tech говорит:

    @sheniaaalexiss99 Compaq V3000 has a known issue about video. We can reflow
    solder the video chip but according to my experience the remedy is not
    permanent. You may want to change your motherboard with a good one and put
    good ventilation or heatsink on the video chip… About the CQ40 , could be
    the LCD screen that needs to be replace. Can you please tell me more
    details so that I can help you?

  • BikerBoyCB900C говорит:

    I am working on a f700 I have removed all the screws but the piece or plate
    above the keyboard it is stuck around the power button and will not come
    out. Put up a link to checking the inverter?

  • RufusCarpenter34 говорит:

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  • zettisanga говорит:

    I need to install the wifi antenna for v2000 how will i install it?

  • Charles Overturf говорит:

    Thank you! My laptop needs an inverter board! I screwed up and cleaned the
    screen with Windex and got it wet and the video crapped out! I thought that
    was for the camera and dried it out but the liquid caused it to blow out!

  • curpion говорит:

    @jarcomtech do you know of any videos that can help me with that with an hp
    dv6000 sorry dude i know all the components of desktop but my klaptop
    knowlegde is still average….much help appreciated … thanks alot man 🙂

  • Alex Ramos говорит:

    @curpion its the Nvidia graphics card.. dispose your notebook asap.. its a
    faulty Nvidia graphics card issue..

  • statikrealm говорит:

    Thanx for the How to video. I watched this before going to client’s
    work-site. Replacing HP 6930p LCD screen. I did what you said place screw
    neatly on a white sheet of paper and I wrote notes incase i forget. First
    time doing this and it took me one hour and the client watch ever step.

  • kooladonia говорит:

    Hi, I have Compaq Presario V3000. The LCD screen is broken. I was thinking
    of changing it myself. Is it the same procedure as shown in the video?
    Seems like a complicated process…

  • leeonegative говорит:

    I have C700 with a faulty LCD cable. Your footage was useful for me taking
    it apart. Thanks for sharing your expertise!

  • curpion говорит:

    whats up buddy….ok so on my hp dv6000 my screen is a bit faulty….white
    colours come up as purple and there is green dots everywhere i can still
    see the screen though and when i plug it into an external screen everything
    works fine… problem is either in the graphics card or GPU or the
    switch filter which im not sure where that is…. do you know what the
    problem is…like maybe a loose connection or something???? help much
    appreciated thanks man

  • Videowatcher198 говорит:

    My laptop is a Persario CQ60-215DX. how would this process work with the

  • Adrenaline91387 говорит:

    My Dv6000 has a flickering and buzzing with a burning smell coming from
    near where the fan is. Does this seem like an easy electrical fix or should
    I just replace it. Thanks for any info !

  • jarcom tech говорит:

    @nm4243 my suggestions: 1st. check if you can have display on the external
    screen. If you do then , 2nd. you will check if your inverter or lcd bulb
    is bad. Please go to my other tutorial «how to make home-made lcd bulb or
    inverter tester» 3rd. if you need to replace the lcd bulb then I have
    another tutorial that details how to replace screen lcd bulb. Now, my
    question is: are you technical enough to perform this? Let me know if I can
    be of more assistance…

  • barretpaige14 говорит:

    hp g61-511wm ….this is my laptop. the hinges are loose or something. the
    screen has «play» about an inch. it flops back and forth. the base and the
    screen that folds is coming loose. like its not only detaching, but also i
    wont stay in one place, and has alot of loose «play» with about an inch
    before the friction hinge keeps it from moving. its out of warranty so
    please help me!!!!!!