Panasonic Toughbook CF-29 Notebook PC

Panasonic Toughbook CF-29 Notebook PC video

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This Panasonic Toughbook CF-29 Notebook is seen quite rightly as the reference model for real outdoor notebooks. Shocks, drops, heat, cold, dust and damp pre…

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  • Michael Leytham говорит:

    Jonathan Garner
    we droped it 5 floors onto the grass and it still works fine
    then we droped it

    the government uses thease in the military in field situations

  • dahgutone говорит:

    Yeah because you use a computer in a fire….A firefighter now can surf the
    web in a blaze of fire…

  • enyceckk101 говорит:

    ssd ?

  • PRODVDi говорит:

    can only be thankful Bauer did this review

  • Travis Helm говорит:

    I would if it pissed me off enough cause in se cases computers would just
    make such good friends with walls and floors lol great video review =)

  • setam1 говорит:

    that’s a pretty good review. Thanks.

  • miritkenny говорит:


  • ADPhotoshop говорит:

    its plastic, dont be a retard, lol

  • Elizabeth Cacho Aspacio Delos Santos говорит:

    dust proof nice tough book

  • Jonathan Garner говорит:

    Drop it from 2 stories and see if it still works.

  • Infinite0112 говорит:

    Whadda ya know, that makes you even more of a loser for telling us like
    it’s something special.

  • FromLeSoul говорит:

    CAN YOu use it under a foot of water ? 🙂

  • kr3wson говорит:


  • franfred11 говорит:

    y is the Vid Quality So shitty??

  • mrNHC говорит:

    yeah keep dreaming

  • Tyler Evans говорит:

    Hey can u change the graphics card and that. How is it on games anyway?

  • MRsmallpeek говорит:

    i just need a laptop that i can wach porn on and with the keypad getting

  • ganjamonk говорит:

    @dmc081 I purchased it from TigerDirect. As of today, it’s still running
    strong and the touchscreen works fine even though it is stated in their
    description that this particular model is not a touchscreen. Pretty sweet
    deal for $320 🙂

  • mandolinroad говорит:

    easy on the red bulls, plaidman.

  • wax333 говорит:

    and not only that bauer id say that tough books are way underpowerd

  • BigCowz говорит:

    think so, depends what bullet though.

  • dedrawilliams говорит:

    i want my laptop to take a punh and beating like a bitch 🙂 i’m going to
    beat the shit out of this Panasonic Toughbook CF-29 lol

  • xcelpast говорит:

    lol i kno i was joking around, my uncle has one, he works in a construction
    site all day

  • dlouis95 говорит:

    the new one is 2500 dolars

  • nicinabox говорит:

    Gadget show tested these. it withstood everything…. just not explosions