How to upgrade memory and HDD/SSD on Asus G75

How to upgrade memory and HDD/SSD on Asus G75 video

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  • M.Y.A. говорит:

    Could some one tell me which HDD and DDR3 Ram works on this laptop? Thanks.

  • tommycp29 говорит:

    Only 2 ram slot?
    G73 has 4

  • Micheal Crown говорит:

    Hi everyone,
    I know that most of you have a lot of problems for migrating from
    preinstalled Windows 8 (HDD) to your new SSD in ASUS G75VW-AH71. I had it
    too and I think I solved it. This is the way that works for me and hope it
    will be useful for you guys too.
    1. Belarc Advisor is one of my favorite free system information tools, and
    you can find the product key of your Windows 8. Download and install it and
    then Run it. It gives you and HTML file that can be opened by any Explorer
    and you can see your Windows 8 Product Key. (Honestly, you don’t need this
    key because your key has been saved in your BIOS too. But it is a safe way
    to have your key and write it in a place. You can download Belarc Advisor
    v8.4 from here.
    2. Also, you need to have a Windows 8 (RTM) Build 9200 (32bit + 64bit)
    MSDN. Here is the link that you can download it by torrent.
    Windows 8 (RTM) Build 9200 (32bit + 64bit) MSDN
    Don’t worry about Serial number or anything. We use or serial number that
    comes with our laptop and it is legal.
    3. Put this Windows 8 (RTM) Build 9200 (32bit + 64bit) MSDN DVD in DVD
    4. Now you are ready for Process.
    5. Remove the 750GB HDD from computer. (I am sure you can do it easily)
    6. Install your New SSD in other place for hard in back of your laptop.
    7. Now is the part that you should be careful: We should change BIOS and
    UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface)
    8. Start computer and press Delete button many times to go to your BIOS
    9. Go to Advanced menu and then check SATA Configuration menu. Now you
    should see only your SSD and DVD Writer.
    10. Now go back to Boot menu and disable Fast Boot.
    11. Enable Lunch CSM.
    12. Enable Lunch PXE OpROM.
    13. In Boot Option #1 select DVD Writer.
    14. Go to Security menu, and then select Secure Boot Control and Disable
    it. (Important)
    15. Go to Save & Exit menu and click on Save Changes and Exit.
    16. Now your system tries to install Windows 8 from DVD.
    17. You should not have any problem with installation of DVD. It doesn’t
    require any Key for windows because the key of your original windows has
    been saved in system and it automatically add to your windows. Later when
    you connect to internet, the windows will be activated. (It is simple and
    you shouldn’t do anything)
    18. After finishing Installation of Windows 8, you can download and install
    all software and drivers of ASUS G75VW from manufacture site. (Driver and
    Support Link)
    19. Your process is finished now and you can enjoy your windows
    20. For adding you other original 750GB Hard, you will go to your BIOS
    again and go to Save & Exit menu. Then select Restore Defaults and later
    select Save Changes and Exit.
    21. Now check your windows again. Everything should work fine.
    22. Shut Down the computer.
    23. Remove Battery
    24. Install your original 750GB Hard drive.
    25. Put back the Battery.
    26. Restart your Computer.
    27. Now you should see your new hard drive in My Computer.

    I didn’t delete or format my original 750GB hard, and base on that, I have
    the ability to Dual boot to my original preinstalled Windows 8 and my new
    one that I installed it in SSD. (Definitely I usually use my SSD one
    because it is extraordinarily fast near 5 sec for reaching to my Desktop

    For selecting which OS boot first you should go to your BIOS and then Boot
    menu and under Boot Option Priorities, select Boot Option #1 and then
    select your OS from (SSD or HDD)

  • adad2757 говорит:

    look that up seperately its basically the same thing for every laptop.

  • joanime говорит:

    For some odd reason the G75 went back the G73 route on upgrading and
    cooling…the G74 was way easy to upgrade…I think its more for asthetic
    reason…thats why I bought a G73 instead of G74

  • Isaac Spurlock говорит:

    Actually, taking off this back cover alone and adding a HDD or SSD and even
    adding ram will not void the warranty. Which is a great thing about this
    laptop, this back cover was made to come off for the user to clean the fan
    filter. This computer actually comes with 2 extra fan covers and 4 screws
    for adding an extra HDD/SSD. So, this above is perfectly warranty safe!

  • StreetGT говорит:

    if the filters are not well placed fans can make some more sound?

  • SlimCargo говорит:

    @19805093 Get the flat screen. You won’t be disappointed. Glare is too high
    for gaming.

  • Narco IX говорит:

    How do you remove the screw si easily !? I can’t remove it , it’s to

  • Spencer Clark говорит:

    I cant watch this video and upgrade my laptop at the same time.

  • Erik Folkow говорит:

    Can you upgrade to SSD on ASUS G55VW?

  • SuperShoul говорит:

    lol he didn’t even show how to upgrade it…

  • EnigmaticConondrum говорит:

    I’ve read mixed reviews; some say the default RAM is housed under the
    keyboard — and to get at it would break the warranty… in every picture or
    video I’ve seen so far, the RAM in the user-accessible area is populated.
    Either it’s 4x2GB modules being used, or there are a lot of people teasing
    potential customers. I don’t want to dig deep and break the warranty just
    to upgrade 2x2GB modules with 2x4GB modules… ideally the unit should have
    2x4GB, with 2 slots empty/usable… IMHO, of course.

  • Davis Yoshida говорит:

    Where can you find one of those?

  • Alexander Vikström говорит:

    Hi. From what I’ve read the computer originally has 750gb memory. I also
    want to have a ssd. Will I have to remove any of those 750gb’s to add a ssd?

  • alexK661 говорит:

    i only see 2 slots of ram, not 4. if i’m not wrong the other 2 are behind
    the keyboard somewhere

  • Jason Steel говорит:

    What RAM type does the G75 use?

  • JDIZZLEAKAJD говорит:

    Is there a sight selling this Asus with an SSD and a HDD already pre-built
    with out me having to open the desktop replacement open?

  • Tom Kom говорит:

    these are the filters ? it’s just a joke.This mesh will not stop dust come

  • Jorlanjm говорит:

    @Hayuf…the G75was built like the old G73…the Right Fan cools the GPU
    then the left fan cools the CPU…the Right fan is also larger then ghe
    left fan

  • joanime говорит:

    Well its jus funny how the G75 ressembles a lot like the G73 like the
    monitor Hinge, Exhaust, the 2 memory slots are back up under the Keyboard
    again…the G74 everything is on the bottom for easy access

  • ravi говорит:

    play the vid on your phone

  • Daylife говорит:

    Check out my video review of the ASUS G75 on my Channel.

  • lbrtdy говорит:

    To be honest, I like the G75 design more over my G74. The main reason is
    that they allow access to the fans for cleaning. On the G74 I would have to
    disassemble the keyboard to get into the fan area. Lol?

  • Sam Hayes говорит:

    I swear you can just undo the screw and slide the back off…