How to Replace/Upgrade your Notebook Hard Drive

How to Replace/Upgrade your Notebook Hard Drive video

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Quick video on how to replace a notebook harddrive using the Seagate Momentus 500 GB 7200.4 RPM drive.

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  • SirSchatzski говорит:

    I have a l555-s7916 . and it was working great until my 19 volt charger
    broke .and I tried one that had the same end on it . plugged it in and
    everything went blank! when I check the volts it was 39 volts pleas tell me
    how to fix it by trouble shooting it. thanks so much Doug

  • fdama говорит:

    lol at all the permission stuff. What crap.

  • bigcasey1995 говорит:

    you need permission? That’s such bull shit. If your computer breaks and
    it’s the hard drive and you send it to best buy or another computer repair
    company do you really think there gonna call Toshiba and say «Hey i’m gonna
    replace this guys hard drive k?» lol dude. I replaced my ram, hard drive
    and power supply from my dell computer and it’s still a computer. Lol i
    can’t believe you even said that.

  • coolrunescape1231 говорит:

    Nice video man im learning techy stuff =)

  • 1999eking говорит:

    @Benedictninja you fuck head its not illegal to replace an hdd

  • Spring595 говорит:

    Thank you for taking the time to upload such educational video with us. I
    took my toshiba to best buy and they said they would charge me $50 to
    replace the hard drive( plus the cost of operating system and hard drive).
    You made it simple enough for me to do it own my on. BTW this is my second
    hard drive gone bad on me in two years could you shed some light on why
    they are going bad? I mean i have a very basic use of my computer not sure
    why its keep happening.

  • strong8action говорит:

    Can I remove my Toshiba L505 (broken screen and I cannot afford to have it
    fixed bc it would be cheaper to buy a new one) and insert it into my Acer
    note book? Would it work. And would it even make sense? I ask bc I think my
    Toshiba Hdd is better than the Acer.

  • LowDetailGaming говорит:

    are all laptop hard drives the same? because im scared to buy one.

  • xxmac923xx говорит:

    haha nice forda

  • tonyest29 говорит:

    Does this work for desktop as well?

  • Choice195 говорит:

    I Have a Satellite L505

  • Kothen HR говорит:

    Is the 7200.4 a good hdd?

  • biggurs говорит:

    @Benedictninja illegal??????? you fucking out of your mind???

  • Michael Reyes говорит:


  • 1999eking говорит:

    @LowDetailGaming no

  • OmwanaX говорит:

    Recently bought a used Toshiba laptop. A friend had to order new Windows
    Vista Home Premuim discs since I didnt get them and the computer was having
    problems. He fixed it and everything looked alright. Two days later, I am
    now getting a notice that there is a hard disk problem, and that I need to
    backup my files. I believe I have backed up the files successfully, but now
    how do I repair the hard disk?

  • BSGATV говорит:

    this vid was a major help. Thanks =)

  • bandosnoob15 говорит:

    my sister has the laptop on the left

  • Benedictninja говорит:

    is it illegal