HOW TO INSTALL RAM / Memory laptops notebooks PCs Computers upgrade review

HOW TO INSTALL RAM / Memory laptops notebooks PCs Computers upgrade review video

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DiY, How to Installation upgrade Memory Ram on laptop notebook PC Computer HP G6 LAPTOP PAVILION PUT IN Upgrade RAM Memory Sticks, note some ram / memory sti…

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  • Nick Finder говорит:

    If I take out my current memory sticks, will I still have all my saved
    stuff?(game saves, photos, etc.)

  • Ahmo Bandolero говорит:

    Is it posibly to take the ram from my laoptop to an desktop pc ?

    Pn please

    Sry for my english

  • PwnkingFTW говорит:

    in tigerdirect i couldn’t find 4G of ram that cost $20, can you tell me
    what the ones your using so i can search it?

  • WallyHD говорит:

    Okay so today I upgraded my RAM in my laptop from 8 gigs to 16 gigs now my
    laptop is very laggy and my laptop is running hotter than usual. Do you
    know how I can fix this? I have Windows 7 home premium 64 bit and a quad
    core intel core i5.

  • Nick Baston говорит:

    hey do you need good ram or good graphics card to play games like call of
    duty and bf

  • AWESOMMO говорит:

    Will a ram card boost your GHz

  • Michael McMahon говорит:

    Awesome man….Thank you

  • Chris Hohl говорит:

    40 dollars for 8 gigs? Holy shit nice deal

  • preetham MVS говорит:

    hi Tampatec , i am using hp pavalion g6 1200tx which supports to upgrade
    from 4 gb to 8gb ram. can i use corsair vengeance 4gb x 2 of 1600MHz , if
    not what is better
    . plz answer ……

  • beechshredder говорит:

    Very cool! Thanks!

  • Ricardo Delfin говорит:

    i have a question, if i take out the ram out of my old desktop pc what are
    the requirements so i can use it on my new pc? no negative comments plz im
    really sensitive lol sorry im a starter or noob

  • Nestor Sierra говорит:

    How the hell did you get 2 x 4GB RAM for $22????

  • SmoothFreeSTYL3 говорит:

    Thank you so much my computer is no longer snail like it is so quick 

  • Rafael Pena говорит:

    i have 17-019dx hp pavillion and there are no screws for the ram and hard
    drive cover, just the whole back.

  • WHOOSHKO говорит:

    This isn’t helpful for my hp laptop because there isn’t a back cover that
    comes out. The computer I have is a hp 15-g029wm and I can’t afford to buy
    another computer if I mess up. So if you can give a great video on how to
    do it then it would be a great help for me and others like me.

  • Glen Parrish говорит:

    laptop engineers are good at micro engineering but complete garbage at

  • DANTE DWAN говорит:

    Thanks man 

  • Mr. ToRx говорит:

    i have the same laptop ( i am so lucky)

  • Kareem Rabie говорит:


  • 3m0SceneStabr говорит:

    I installed the ram and i’m using the computer right now. but It’s not
    being used. It still says that I only have 4GBs but I just put in another
    4gb stick (it’s supposed to say 8GBs) can someone help me?

  • jimmie b говорит:

    I looked through 8 pages of ram cards for pg6 laptp on tiger direct and
    cant find any for 22 bucks most are 50 and above im not interisted in any
    less than 4 gb on each card to :)

  • Isaiah Aguilera говорит:

    can someone please tell me what RAM he featured I would like to buy the
    same ones he has?

  • jimmie b говорит:

    Awesome , I just bought a 4 gb ram for my pg6 so i hope it will be this
    easy to install when it arrives :)

  • MultiTerpen говорит:

    Can you have like one 5gb and one 3gb? Can you have different brands, of it
    fit in the slot? Do you need any software or coding?

  • Mr. ToRx говорит:

    hey whats the maximum ram i can get for the same laptop in the video