White Macbook 2010: Memory and Hard Drive Upgrade 101- pt1 of 3

White Macbook 2010: Memory and Hard Drive Upgrade 101- pt1 of 3 video


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This video was recorded by Alexander Moroz for educational purposes. During this video, Alexander Moroz will demonstrate you how to upgrade your white macboo…

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  • S.Dobbs говорит:

    Thank you. I used this tutorial to upgrade my daughter’s memory. The
    instructions are clear.

  • Crunchy Bob говорит:

    Very nice video thank you, I have recently found out that the MacBook mid
    2010 running lion or Mavericks along with updated EFI from Apple will let
    you upgrade to 16gb memory.

  • Elane Horhi говорит:

    This is a very good video. Would you please create one for cleaning the
    fan too? Thank you!

  • Elane Horhi говорит:

    I am a woman, can I still purchase the Ultratech General? Pleeeeeeeese!

  • Mike Keenan говорит:

    I heard if you rub the computer enuf a genie comes out 00:21

  • morozacademy говорит:

    @Dwibbert Well, I am not sure. Find out what kind of drive inside of that
    system first. Make sure it will fit — during this video I will explain what
    drives will fit and what will not. Thanks for watching.

  • morozacademy говорит:

    @187MaxPayne No ddr3 has different contact pins than ddr2. Required
    different motherboard chipset as well. The answer is no, not even try it or
    you will fry your motherboard. This is for the macbooks white that was
    2009-2010 build.

  • FlushReviews говорит:

    you can put as big an ssd as you want in basically anything with a sata
    plug. The 2009 macbook does support 8gb of ram on all models that I am
    aware of but a good way to check is everymac dot com

  • LURQ говорит:

    Would it be possible to run a 1TB hard drive?

  • michael arias говорит:

    hi morozacademy, i was told by apple the maximum ram i can install in my
    mac book 2010 is 4gb ram (2x2gb ram) but i see you are installing 2x4gb
    ram. will that much ram damage the mac book?

  • djcamoguy говорит:

    @kokomanen lol

  • TandDGames говорит:

    Can you give me a good site for 8 gb ram?

  • chalka88 говорит:

    why the memory says Samsung and hard drive says Toshiba i though they
    should be mac

  • Zay_Rob говорит:

    Diego, you can add up to 8gb (4×4) I believe

  • troy rouleau говорит:

    would i b able to run the macbook pro start up discs on my macbook if i do
    these upgrades

  • Aqwe W говорит:

    Hi.I have white macbook from 2010. Model Identifier: MacBook7,1 Processor
    Name: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz Number Of Processors: 1
    Total Number Of Cores: 2 L2 Cache: 3 MB Memory: 2 GB Bus Speed: 1.07 GHz
    Will it support 2 pieces of 4gb ddr3 so 8 in total? Will it support ssd
    sata 2 or 3 or only 1? Does it matter if install a new ssd in the old hd
    bay or in the optic bay? Thank you!

  • morozacademy говорит:

    @Chrisloy Yes you can. Apple did not announced a new version of Macbook
    White in 2011 so it is an old version of Macbook white 2010. Follow my
    guide. I also suggest you to install Western Digital Scorpio Blue 1Tb
    instead of Western Digital Scorpio Black 500Gb.Blue Scorpio 1Tb will fit
    perfectly and it has more storage. Of course Western Digital Scorpio Black
    series will be a slightly faster then a Scorpio Blue,but Scorpio Blue has
    double of storage.So I would say go for it. Thanks for watching

  • ian corales говорит:


  • patburn13 говорит:

    Can I put a 128 gigabyte solid state drive and 8 gigabytes of ram into my
    late 2009 macbook if the speed is 1066 mhz? I would like to do this upgrade
    so the computer is more future proof

  • morozacademy говорит:

    It should have Geforce 320m video card that it will work for sure. The
    older one had a Geforce 9400g and I am not guarantee you that it will work
    with Geforce 9400g video card. However if your macbook has Geforce 320m
    video card that you are good for upgrade with 8gb of total memory.

  • morozacademy говорит:

    That is same thinckness and a great choice. You can also install WD scorpio
    blue 1tb but make sure you grab yourself as thick as black scorpio. They
    have two version WD scorpio blue 2.5 inch one is not going to fit but
    another one same thickness as Scorpio black 500gb. I would install 750 gb
    or 1tb. Well I would say what are you doing with macbook? if video editing
    and real life recording than grab black serious with 7200 rpm so no hick
    ups while recording video in real time.Thanks for watching

  • morozacademy говорит:

    @kokomanen no screwing laptop is you. I am intelligent with experience in
    hardware and IT. I like thing with maximum performance, especially when it
    does not cost a fortune.

  • JamesDaHall говорит:

    i agree with you, ive been working on computers all my life, and never wore
    a anti-static band, never an issue… well unless your an idiot and work
    wearing a damn sweater. lol

  • morozacademy говорит:

    People who is watching here noy trolls. They are here not for skipping but

  • morozacademy говорит:

    @KingBrad7500 I am sorry I did not get the question? Did you watch the
    video? Was I using a Corsair? Hmm.