The World’s Most Powerful Mobile Supercomputer — EUROCOM Panther 4.0

The World’s Most Powerful Mobile Supercomputer — EUROCOM Panther 4.0 video

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The EUROCOM Panther 4.0 is here. The ultimate in mobile computing technology. The most powerful mobile computer in the world. EUROCOM Panther 4.0 Product Pag…

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  • umad bro говорит:

    1 hour battery. LOL. Pathetic.

  • LM2K12 говорит:

    laptops are shit for gaming, they get way to hot, and their graphics chips
    are half the power or less of desktop cards. and cost twice as much. it’s a

  • Dennis Zakhrabekov говорит:

    what about alienware? I heard good reviews about that one…

  • PoopLoser PvP говорит:

    Can it run Lego Star Wars without exploding?

  • Jak Mar говорит:

    I finally see a laptop that goes with what I’ve been saying for ages. Just
    make it A LITTLE BIT THICKER, and you can do A LOT MORE.

  • Danielle Baden-Powell говорит:

    Can i run Sims 3 on this Machine without any slowdowns and lags?, Thanks

  • Donny Slander говорит:

    Well, how much does that cost??? mine cost about 2400 and it’s an i3 with
    310m geforce, and 2 gb ram….

  • dcrstudio1 говорит:

    menudo tochaco

  • Adrian Havirneanu говорит:

    can i have one of these for testing purposes only???

  • MDMA4LIFE говорит:

    Fuck me this thing is a MONSTER. I WANT ONE!!!!!

  • maraj maraj говорит:

    Uhh what about the razer blade?

  • Thomas Anderson говорит:

    This computer is most suitable outdoors, in… Siberia.

  • Benjamin Slyngstad говорит:

    how much does this weigh?
    And what price does it land at?
    And what is the size of the screen? 15.4?
    Anyways this seems like an awesome computer, the design isn’t that stylish
    as other «Gaming computers» But yes this would be perfect for engineers and
    other scientist «Bringing the work home» without having to by two expensive
    desktop pcs.

    Anyways thanks for this great vid!

    Thanks from:
    Benjamin Olaf Slyngstad

  • Shubham Singh говорит:

    what about battery

  • FastLikeUNO говорит:

    Like a laptop from the 90s

  • maxlol0 говорит:

    Hey there. I want to ask about the black tape that is around the 7970m gpu
    die. Is it possible to take that black tape off? I was trying to repaste my
    gpu and there are some old thermal paste under that black tape and i can’t
    clean it without removing that black thing.

  • alternate241 говорит:

    0:15 scared the shit out of me… =.=’

  • Raaman Nair говорит:

    Alright, guys it’s seizure time starting at 0:20. 

  • Necrolic Viper говорит:

    Omg the background music creep me out. XD

  • djkeysmaster говорит:

    Watch this video again next year and laugh, because it will be outdated :D

  • Reinaldo Ulloa говорит:

    Global Warming or pants on fire?

  • Ken Teague говорит:

    Thanks for sharing, Eurocom Technology. A beast, indeed. I don’t mean to
    sound negative, but I can only imagine the amount of noise it makes when
    all of the fans kick in. 12.1 lbs. isn’t on the light side, either, when
    most mobile workstations weigh in at about 7-9 lbs.. I can’t find any
    mention to the number of cells in the battery, nor the battery life, but
    based on the size of the battery, I can’t imagine someone getting about 1
    hour of run time on a full charge under full load. The location of the
    optical drive is not ideal as it is below the external I/O ports. This
    will hamper the users ability to access the optical drive when devices are
    attached to said ports.

  • mimosa006 говорит:

    this is by far the ugliest laptop ive seen

  • jase ross говорит:

    In 20 years Something as versatile as Google Glasses will harness this
    power. Scared ? . . . . . . . . . .