Acer Aspire One D257 memory upgrade in 8 minutes

Acer Aspire One D257 memory upgrade in 8 minutes video

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No edits here and it is obvious. I had to figure this out on my own as there were no videos for this new Acer Aspire One D257.

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  • Donavan Tollison говорит:

    what is the part number for the new ramset?

  • Robert Petrone говорит:

    has anyone else been successful to upgrade their Aspire one D257 -1699, as
    I tried with Kingston 2Gb and did not work. Bois is the most recent. I
    have also contacted Acer and they said 1 Gb is the max. If you have bee
    successful let me know what you did with the memory par and manufacture

  • Gail Lynn Miller говорит:

    I am a 57 year old woman who has NO electrical or computer knowledge at
    all. But I was able to EASILY follow the instructions above and am SO PROUD
    of myself that I was able to! My electrical engineer husband didn’t even
    want to try it, afraid he would mess my Aspire One D257-1497 model up. With
    a very small flat screwdriver to remove the keyboard tabs, a small phillips
    to remove the FIVE door screws (AND BY THE WAY, I DID NOT REMOVE THE RIBBON
    OFF THE KEYBOARD! YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THAT! Just flip keyboard a bit out
    of your way when you remove the five screws and you don’t have to worry
    about damaging that!!!) I used a CREDIT CARD to gently pry off the back,
    pull the two side clips that hold the RAM card in place, slip the new one
    in and MAKE SURE that it clips in place correctly with the clips… put
    things back together and what used to shoot up to 98% RAM for me anytime I
    tried to watch a youtube video, NOW stays at 46-49% and NO MORE FREEZE

  • Robert Petet говорит:

    Only the first five screws labeled DOOR m2x75 are needed to be removed.
    Then you will see a slot on the bottom right of the hard drive labeled door
    release. press this and you will be able to take off the back panel ;)

  • Lorenzo Music говорит:

    I have a D257 that wont do anything more than whats on the screen menue.
    When i upgrade various files Google, Explorer, etc. they load ok they work
    okfor the first session, then when i shut the computer off and then return
    to it later all my efforts to update and upgrade are gone… I must reload
    everything again because the D257 i have doesnt save new files. does
    anybody know what might be the problem? I think there is a jumper that is
    supposed to be on place on the HD based upon my recolection that prevents
    this from happening ,but im not sure. can anyone confirm this? any other

  • Victor Zamora говорит:

    que tipo de memoria le metiste

  • Roseli Salleh говорит:

    very helpfuly. thank’s

  • chemicallust77 говорит:

    good video…very helpful

  • Omar Moreno говорит:

    does taking your ram out and not putting one in make your computer not work

  • MarLopez говорит:

    why do you need to take out the keyword? the memory is in the back…or is
    because of all the screws?

  • Alex Gauthier говорит:

    What i find sad is that Gateway is owned by Acer, but the Lt-21 netbook who
    is at 95% the same… well is damn easier to change it’s ram then the D255
    !!!!!! Acer are a odd compagny often.

  • timpos546 говорит:

    So you got a tank Big what? Want to fight about it 😀

  • 1HonestGamer говорит:

    For the stupid moron who didn’t understand why the keyboard had to be
    removed, the screws that hold the back plate on are under the keyboard.
    Derp-derp. Duuuuuhhhhh…..

  • ibigfire говорит:

    Thank you!

  • CYRINTHIA212 говорит:

    great video

  • majesticlizard говорит:

    Settle down there internet tough guy. You are the one who did not
    understand why the keyboard would need to be removed. If people are rude to
    you, just ignore them. Going on a diatribe about how tough you are and how
    someone is a coward is exactly what a troll wants you to do.

  • Lucas Nasution говорит:

    Thanks — I have just upgraded mine

  • johnathan scrogg говорит:

    sorry to be a noob but would the d257 running windows 7 enterprise be able
    to run more than 2 gig ram ?. i see people talking about windows starter
    only allowing 2gig and i wondered if enterprise will let it handle more.
    yes im a noob

  • Dennis S. говорит:

    WTF…??? Bad video…!

  • mbromham говорит:

    Thanks for the video. I needed to upgrade to meet minimum requirements for
    WIndows 8. Your instructions were clear and easy to follow.

  • cryer3160 говорит:

    does anyone know how to improve the video memory of this model of laptop?
    it shows 8 mb in the bios, which is impossible, someone tell me the actual
    specs? and i need to play 720 vids, need help

  • Roman Tsupko говорит:

    косорукий) кнопу отломал…

  • MagitekStudio говорит:

    Your video not only helped me fix a broken piece in my computer, but
    upgrade ram and more! Thanks so much!

  • William Mosier говорит:

    i have the pieces of a cr-48 and was wondering if the ram would work in one
    of these…Anybody know?

  • Angelo E. Vazquez говорит:

    I can see only You hands when change the memory jeje but thanks for the