Gigabyte P34G Gaming Ultraportable Notebook Review & Unboxing

Gigabyte P34G Gaming Ultraportable Notebook Review & Unboxing video

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Gigabyte’s P34G is the most compelling Gigabyte notebook we’ve ever seen, and in fact one of the most compelling notebooks we’ve ever seen. The highlights ar…

25 комментариев: Gigabyte P34G Gaming Ultraportable Notebook Review & Unboxing

  • Aaron Suess говорит:
  • Francis Vidal говорит:

    would yall get this or an msi gs60?

  • Treyvon Dee говорит:

    Lost me at 860m. lul

  • Dave Dugdale говорит:

    I gave it a try for video editing. The fans were too loud so I returned it.

  • Jerame Phillips говорит:

    V2 review coming soon I hope?

  • George Kariuki говорит:

    please do review hp pavilion dv6-9 high performance laptops

  • Bridscape говорит:

    Apparently the fan gets very loud on the p34g…

  • Eric Chau говорит:

    Linus please review the Clevo w230ss/Sager np7338! It’s extremely similar
    to this notebook and I believe you’ll like it very much :)

  • Simon Eddie K говорит:

    hey buddy who are you to tell me i can’t put a fire in my lap! :P

  • Andrew Howard говорит:

    Im looking for a gaming laptop that’s under 1000$ I want the best one
    possible for gaming. Any suggestions?

  • Rio Pradipto говорит:

    Ya.. could you do a review for the next version related to this laptop? The
    specs are beast.
    Anyway, that brick is almost the same size as my home’s foundation hahaha

  • rex brandow говорит:

    How about msi gs 70

  • Michael Abramovitch говорит:

    Could you do a review of the v2 version? Or at least a quick rundown of
    the improvements/drawbacks? Thanks.

  • Diego Cavali говорит:

    would be perfect if was black

  • RxSwolldier говорит:

    gigabyte, why u so plain?

  • supero69 говорит:

    yes, this what i need for portable gaming and workstation for studying any
    media stuff

  • rodrigo dias говорит:

    the question is Crysis 

  • Axvre Awseaa говорит:

    did you checked the new V2 of this laptop ?
    how is the fan/screen ?
    i think you mention that this screen not perfect but is it same or better
    than toshiba satlite laptop ? 17″

  • Anas Shehab говорит:

    I guess the Aorus X7 is way better than the MSI GS 70 that is more powerful
    and thinner. 

  • Drew Maglio говорит:

    Hey Linus, how do you run Linux on this machine? What could I do to get the
    «smart manager» and other features to run in Linux? Could I use Wine?

  • Sean Goresht говорит:

    My five-year-old laptop, the gateway p7805u fx, has a 1080p screen, 2.2 Ghz
    processor, a 9-cell battery, a GeForce 9m series gpu, and dual hard drive
    bays. I guess laptops aren’t getting much better…

  • emil posselt говорит:

    NO the laptop I got is the only available fair priced gaming/performance
    laptop worth speaking of, namely ASUS G750JH (primarely because of cooling
    system compared to others)

  • GeT0wNeDDD говорит:

    I am sick between this gigabyte or razer blade 14! Help! 

  • ThePorterZ говорит:

    Does anyone have a cure for the poor battery life? I’m scared to commit to
    this for college if it has only around 3-4 hours. 

  • TVperson1 говорит:

    god I hate uneven back lighting, it’s completely unacceptable