[HOW-TO] — Fujitsu lifebook AH532 CPU Upgrade

[HOW-TO] — Fujitsu lifebook AH532 CPU Upgrade video

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im back~ youpube deleted my old acct, and this video was to show how to upgrade the cpu on the lifebook ah532.

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  • djelusion говорит:

    I recently added 16GB to my laptop and it works flawlessly and its got a
    ssd of course so its fast and super powerful. :)

  • Tarek Bechakat говорит:

    can play call of duty mdw 3 in fujitsu AH 532 PLEASE ANSWER ME SOON THANK

  • DrMika88 говорит:

    does this motherboard have crl cmos jumper or removable cmos batery 3v??? i
    need to clear bios password

  • Joemar Ray Jumalon говорит:

    I have a Fujitsu Lifebook AH530, is it possible to upgrade it from intel
    pentium to intel core processors?? Thanks men.

  • Damianos Sotiriadis говорит:

    hi mate, do you know if i can socket a (CPU) AMD A6 6400K Black Edition
    (FM2,4.10GHZ,1MB) to the A530 lifebook which has a standard G1 socket ?
    does a G1 standard socket support an FM2 socket cpu?

  • bryan deasis говорит:

    i Have


  • David Lynch говорит:

    Great vid, but dude, seriously!
    Doing an upgrade on a carpet is a great way to transfer static straight
    into the guts of your open laptop, not just the expensive cpu you dropped.
    Highly discouraged!

  • ReeceL6828 говорит:

    Hey dude I was just wondering if there was a possible way to upgrade my
    laptop. I am running the Fujitsu Lifebook AH530, I have an Intel Pentium
    P6200 and 4gb of RAM. I need to know if I could possibly upgrade my
    proccessor and if I can what performance to expect.

  • andrew wardle говорит:

    3:05 your welcome

  • Doky Kong говорит:

    hey 😀 i really liked your video and i am writing to you in search of
    answers… i have a Fujitsu lifebook AH531 .. would an upgrade like that
    work on my laptop? hope you answer soon 🙂 anyway thnx have a nc day … My
    fujitsu AH531 Laptop has 6 bg ram… 700 gb hdd and an intel core i3 2330m
    and intel hd 3000 graphics card

  • TheSpartiatix говорит:

    Can you tall me a exact model of procesor i7 and his price pls i want to
    change my procesor too 🙂

    This is the best chip that can be in this laptop?

  • jiten ray говорит:

    where to buy processor for ah530 fujitsu ??

  • Chriiss98 говорит:

    would this work on the Fujitsu lifebook AH531?

  • Alex Slane говорит:

    Hi there mate long time no speak . Ok so I’m at the position to upgrade the
    cpu what is the model number again that I need please I would really like
    to get a i7.
    Hope your well buddy 

  • Overused - Memestorm говорит:

    What is the replacement CPU called?

  • Juan Paolo Liad говорит:

    can i upgrade my video card? we have the same laptop fujitsu ah532. thanks

  • super-puper говорит:

    чуваки у кого такие же ноуты давайте делится опытом по апргейду!

  • super-puper говорит:

    ))) !! from KIEV )))) Fujitsu lifebook AH532/G21 (b960 + gt620
    nvidia) a wont chenge b960 pentium on i7-3612qm(3632qm) TDP-35 watt.

  • goskveterani говорит:

    How much for your old cpu?

  • Ryan Thomas говорит:

    intel 2310m, 4gb ram, 500gb hdd. 1366×768 resolution.

  • djelusion говорит:

    I never really used that. maybe if i had a 3g card

  • Ryan Thomas говорит:

    how about something a little more high end? sounds great though! is there a
    possibility of going a little higher end? you must make sure though the TDP
    is the same, and is similar to 2310m. good find though thx! 😀

  • djelusion говорит:

    I would need the specs on it first before I can say yes or no

  • djelusion говорит:

    I use this as a regular desktop in all honesty and it doesn’t fail me at
    all. have a external monitor paired with a wireless keyboard. If you have 8
    or 16GB ram that would be icing on the cake

  • ДувајтеМиКобас! говорит:

    unless its integrated you dont need anything..if it is then you CANT change