How to Prepare a GPU / VGA Card for Installation and Upgrade in a Notebook

How to Prepare a GPU / VGA Card for Installation and Upgrade in a Notebook video

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A quick guide in how to prepare a GPU for installation in a notebook computer. Eurocom sells individual graphics cards. To enquire please email sales@eurocom…

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  • Scarx2gt говорит:

    lol….its been a week where is that video? 

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    The beauty of VGA upgradeable laptops is that they can be upgraded, which
    can save you quite a bit of money. With many games being VGA intensive, a
    simple VGA upgrade can really improve performance of your notebook running
    games. If you are tech savvy you can easily do a VGA upgrade on your own.
    We have several videos that can help you. If I was you I would do a VGA
    upgrade myself.

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    You can buy mobile graphics cards from Eurocom.

  • ForceablePlace говорит:

    I have the Nividia GeForce 560, and want to upgrade it to a newer (if not
    the newest) one, i have no lag in games on max settings, but worried about
    GTA5, and want to upgrade 🙂 So whats better, Buy it, and replace it
    myself, Buy it, and get someone else to replace it, Or just get a new Gamin
    Laptop? 🙂

  • Scarx2gt говорит:

    Hi I bought a GPU off your ebay account and am seeking to upgrade my
    Alienware m17xR3 to a GTX 780m are there any instructional guides? I’ve
    seen a few but I want to be doubly sure before proceeding with this.

  • Ely De La Cruz говорит:

    K thx. The card works great and the video output seems even better on both
    my monitor and my projector. I was even able to view videos on netflix on
    hd through my 32 in. samsung smart tv at nearly a constant 120hz!, through
    hdmi!!! Thanks Eurocom!! Great card!! (nvidia 660m on alienware m15x)

  • Alan Reyes говорит:

    Hi last November I bought a GTX 675 MX SLI from you. I am having problems
    with the thermal pads placement. It seems that one thermal pad won’t make
    contact with my heatsink. Can you share an image of the thermal pad
    placement for 675MX? My system is Alienware M18x R1, win7, 32gb RAM, core
    i7 2670QM and my old graphics cards were AMD Radeon 6990M crossfireX.

  • Richard deChevigny говорит:

    Thanks dude! I’ve been looking for thermal pad placement on my new 580m!

  • Robert Mikkelsen говорит:

    I want to see that too, gonna order a 780m tomorrow. I have an m17xr4.

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    Yes, the MXM card is much different than the standard 3.0b. The cards we
    sell will not work in your notebook without a great deal of modifications.

  • Ely De La Cruz говорит:

    Should I put thermal pads underneath the card as well?

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    I am actually just in the middle of finishing a video on this. Perhaps I
    will upload it before it is 100% finished so you have a guide. Stay tuned.
    Do you need a voice over instruction or is it fine to just see the process?

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    Awesome! Congrats. We just posted an M15x upgrade video, feel free to share
    your thoughts over there!

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    Eurocom. com

  • Brian Leo говорит:

    Should I upgrade from a 460m to a 580m or a 660m? alienware m17xr3

  • TheBlackIdentety говорит:

    Exactly the same.

  • bobo loco говорит:

    hi.. can elitebook 2450p graphic be upgraded?pls advice?

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    That is a good question. Newer card versus older top of the line card. The
    580M will give you more performance but it will create more heat and use
    more power.

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    In your thermal pad kit you should have different thicknesses, please try a
    thicker one where its not making contact. If you have any further questions
    please contact Thanks!

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    No, there is no need for that.

  • MegaMitx говорит:

    Wow. You really are amaizing

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    Is that the 12″ system? If so, no the graphics cannot be upgraded. We do
    have a video of an HP being upgraded, titled: «NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M
    Video Card Upgrade Guide by Eurocom»

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    Ya, quite the coincidence.

  • WoodleysRoadmaster говорит:

    Soooooooo helpful

  • Scarx2gt говорит:

    Well maybe some sort of text would be fine just to make it clearer since it
    is not 100% finished I guess voice over would be fine. Couldn’t have come
    at a better time lol thanks.