AMD Radeon HD 7970M and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M upgrade in Alienware M15x

AMD Radeon HD 7970M and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M upgrade in Alienware M15x video

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A quick and easy graphics upgrade guide of an Alienware M15x notebook with an AMD Radeon HD 7970M and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M. EUROCOM Components For Sale…

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  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    +Sid Spacewalker we don’t have 7970M available at this time. Sorry.

  • EurocomTechnology говорит:

    +Sid Spacewalker please check out this ebay page:

  • ♠Ripley♠ говорит:

    Can you please do a video on installing the gtx880m into an older model
    alienware, M17x R2 specifically with driver updates and stuff? I think
    someone has done it but has no audio, on a forum. 

  • crash override говорит:

    Hi EurocomTech.. I have Alienware M15x and i would like to upgrade my
    graphics card to GeForce GTX 765M, is it alright? and do i need to replace
    its power brick/source since i’m using Gtx 260m currently, and i believe
    that 260m consumes 75W of power as oppose to 60-65 W from GTX 765 which
    much efficient.. and i’m from the Philippines, do you guys ship to
    Philippines? thanks.. 

  • BlackBlok говорит:

    is the 680 osx compatible?

  • digipixxx говорит:

    I got an m15x with geforce gtx 260m Wonder if I can buy something better to
    upgrade it? Would any of these cards in the video work?

  • Kalle Vaimare говорит:

    Can i upgrade my graphics card to any good nvidia card ? My laptop is acer
    aspire v5 552g

  • M Jamal говорит:

    I have an Alienware m15x with 260M GTX, i740 processor, 8GB ram and 320GB
    HDD. Can you please suggest me a GPU, Processor, SSD and the relevant power
    supply to buy please ? Can i buy the GPU from you ? Can I use 16GB ram if i
    upgrade my processor ?

    Thanks alot :-)

  • thelasthallow говорит:

    you do not need ESD protection anymore. what is this the early 90s?
    components made today can take a significant amount of electrical shock
    before they fry.

  • Zommy DK говорит:

    Would a Geforce GTX 780m or 880 work on a msi ge70 laptop its 2 years old?
    I got a Geforce GT 650m now?

  • BlackBlok говорит:

    the 680m has both 2G and 4G, both version will work fine in the m15x? no
    extra changes than normal? the clevo 4g version will work ok?

    what will improve rendering and handling lots of video at once? this or an

    the 770m and 780m will also work? the 870m works?

  • Ariel Wollinger говорит:

    I can put a 680m on my 2009 m15x??

  • MrXaro говорит:

    Hey will I be able to use a GTX 680M 4GB for my upgrade and still be
    alright? Thanks for the video by the way!

  • lemafieu27 говорит:

    Ohh loool thank u
    Can you explain me what is «rev» ?

  • David Eckard говорит:

    its almost cheaper to build a new computer from scratch tbh….the gtx 680m
    is a mobile card meaning its about half as powerful than its counterpart
    sooo you might be better off just building a computer from scratch i got
    one with the gtx 780 a quad core 3.4 ghz and 32 gb memory for around 1200
    compared to the gtx 680m being around 600-750 just for the card…..

  • krazyangelkat81 говорит:

    Thank you for creating this video I’m planning to upgrade my M15x NVvidia
    video card so I can play newly released games. Do I need to upgrade the
    memory as well? a friend thinks that I do. 

  • Texnock говорит:

    which thermalpads I need

    thick and so on

    good video 

  • lemafieu27 говорит:

    hi eurocom,
    i have a question : i have alienware m15x with an intel i3. can i upgrade
    the gpu with for example nvidia AMD HD 6970M or like you GTX 680M ? 

  • ² GotRice? © |Baked| говорит:

    Do you know why my M15x won’t boot up and the GPU fan only spins for 4
    seconds and the CPU fan spins for a milisecond? I am believing it’s a
    motherboard problem since gtx 770m uses 75 watts and an i7 920xm uses 55
    watts which should be enough under the 150watt power adapter.

  • Andrew Peralta говорит:

    Hello I have an Alienware M17X R2 and running it with it a single ATI
    Mobility 5870M card and i7 940XM CPU. I would like to upgrade the GPU to a
    GTX 680M but I’ve heard of some 17X R2 people who are getting blank or
    white screens when updating to the GTX 680M. Do you happen to know what
    might be the problem? Also I have seen people use the original heatsink
    from the 5870M to use it on GTX 680. Is it okay to use the 5870M heatsink
    on the GTX 680M?

  • KymaticaHealth говорит:

    not worth the upgrade only get 4fps better in bf4

  • Marlon Cardero говорит:

    Is it necessary to make any changes to the m15x bios after changing to the
    240w psu? I am getting an error message saying this is not the 150w psu
    that came with my computer. Will using this 240w psu cause any damage to
    the computer?

    Also, Is there any changes that need to be applied to the functioning of
    the fans after replacing the video card for the GeForce GTX 680M to prevent

    Thanks in advance.

  • Kalle Vaimare говорит:

    Can i upgrade my graphics card to any good nvidia card ? My laptop is acer
    aspire v5 552g

  • Sid Spacewalker говорит:

    Hi, do you still sell the 7970m kit for Alienware m15x in Europe?

  • BlackBlok говорит:

    Do you need to modify an INF file to get the 680m to work in windows 8?