Acer Aspire One hard drive (HD) replace or upgrade to solid state drive (SSD) How to

Acer Aspire One hard drive (HD) replace or upgrade to solid state drive (SSD) How to video

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Instructions on upgrading the hard drive found in an Acer Aspire One 532h netbook to a solid state disk. If you like this video, give a click @ http://rzfees…

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  • Gab101290 говорит:

    The Acer Aspire One ZG8 is SATA II ?

  • Sussana Lee говорит:

    Very clear! Even a girl can do it! However, I don’t see any slot for a
    fathead screwdriver on my pink Acer ZG5 netbook AOA-150-1690. It won’t
    upgrade to windows 7. So it is still running XP with Office 2000. I love
    the darling office assistants and features work better than Office 2003,
    2007 and 2010. Love the WHITE keyboard too so I can see in dim light. 

  • LauroSilvestreJr говорит:

    What, no boot up?

  • Phil Sexton говорит:

    Will this work for an Acer Aspire One 722?

  • Mark Cunanan говорит:

    How would I go about cloning my old hdd to the ssd?

  • Tstewa4869 говорит:

    it doesn’t work, i followed every step and when i pull the tab straight out
    it doesn’t move.

  • Pieh0 говорит:

    I wonder what you are looking at…

  • Whaley говорит:

    Great video man, thinking about getting one of these after my navy «A»

  • Kernel panic говорит:

    If you clone the drive, everything will stay intact. and by ‘updating’ SDD,
    are you referring to SATA II to III or ….. :confused:

  • fastnotbulbous говорит:

    Mr Feeser! Like the video, i think it’s probably the clearest one i have
    found so far on upgrading an Aspire One, although i did have one
    question…a SATA II drive now costs much more than a SATA III, so, would a
    SATA III work, even though the Aspire couldn’t use it to it’s full
    capacity? I also would be interested to know how to clone my old disk to
    the new SSD as Mark has also asked, did you ever get around to making that
    video? I can’t find it on here. Any advice much appreciated…

  • Clara Valdovinos говорит:

    I have a question about updating my old SSD drive on my ACER Laptop with a
    new SSD. If would like to keep all my programs and documents, would I need
    to do something before I install the new SSD?

  • just4all1 говорит:

    when is that cloning video coming along ?

  • R Z Feeser говорит:

    Great question Mark! I’m teaching Session Initiation Protocol in St. Louis
    this week, but when I return this weekend, I’ll start working on a video to
    document the process for you. Check back Monday or Tuesday of next week!

  • Anshuman Chandel говорит: