DIY Upgrade XBOX 4GB to 250GB — Part 1 (XBOX 360 SLIM)

DIY Upgrade XBOX 4GB to 250GB — Part 1 (XBOX 360 SLIM) video

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Use your old XBOX 360 hard drive in your new XBOX 360 4GB! Part 2 — Adding The Drive Enclosure: Drive enclosure: h…

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  • Winston Ross говорит:

    Will I get banned?

  • greenandskunkey говорит:

    Winston what a silly Question no u willl not get banned. this is a really
    smart idea but i dont think i would do it but is pretty smart but i would
    rathur go out and buy a hard drive for my slim but im not to worried as i
    have a red jasper 360 i can just play thats 120 gig untill i can get a
    bigger hd for my slim 😛 and btw those slim hard drives look like laptop
    hard drives wonder if u can just use a laptop hard drive. its pretty much
    the same size :S

  • FILTH Riding говорит:

    saved me 80$ thanks man

  • Kenny Chu говорит:

    I’m getting my new Xbox soon. Yes that what I’am needing the same…

  • Cody Mulcahy говорит:

    Had a white Xbox Elite with a Fujitsu drive and put it into an Xbox 360e.
    Did everything in the video and worked like a charm! I used weather
    stripping instead of foam, which has adhesive on one side to help it stay
    in place. Thanks!

  • Raymond Blanchard говорит:

    I have the xbox 360 slim 4gb.plays games and cd’s perfect.tried to play a
    dvd and i got this msg «a required storage device has been removed» so if i
    get a bigger hard drive put in will this solve the problem ! also can i put
    any other xbox hard drive into my slim.i know how to do this so please dont
    recommend video’s.i just need the facts about the «required storage device»
    as i dont wanna buy a hard drive and still have the same problem.thanks.

  • Jaimeceja83 говорит:

    thank you for help thank you so much.

  • Emcee Konscious говорит:

    I did this just now, and it’s not reading my hard drive. 

  • James Locklear говорит:

    I tried this with my seagate 120gb external hard drive because the mini usb
    port broke on it. Its not detecting it on my xbox.. any feedback? *note:
    the hard drive still worked on my xbox when I fidgeted with the mini usb
    port but it would turn off constantly due to the port separating from the
    hard drives motherboard so that’s y I tried this method. Seems like a good
    idea tho

  • MineAgator говорит:

    What does the shock thing help to do ?

  • Cristian Shearer говорит:

    My Xbox doesn’t detect the hard drive. What am I doing wrong 

  • iR3CT говорит:

    Does 5400 vs 7200 RPM matter?

  • GipsyDanger01 говорит:

    what kind of hard disc i need for my xbox?

  • DakotasWorkshop говорит:

    Thanks a bunch bro it works 

  • jadedburst говорит:

    Will this work with a 120gb original xbox 360 harddrive?

  • afterburner7847 говорит:

    So I cannot just use a random laptop hard drive, insert it in a DIY bracket
    and use it on an Xbox 360?????

  • Myles Prower говорит:

    but I went from the 250 gb slim to my old xbox 360

  • chris redfield говорит:

    Thank you man, thank you so much, I was nervous about this, but it works,
    thank you

  • Myles Prower говорит:

    I smashed it open.

  • killerapple16 говорит:

    Well a lot of people had a white xbox 250 gb before and they decided to get
    a black xbox 4 gb. So basically what he did was take the hard drive from
    his white xbox to his black xbox.

  • DJVADO17 говорит:

    you sir are a brilliant man!!!!! thank you so much now I don’t have to go
    buy a damn xbox specific HDD, can even get a second hand 120G sata drive.

  • l b говорит:

    Thanks a lot, it worked on my slim mini with no problems

  • ewew erwe говорит:

    I did that to play GTA V, that shit needs 8gig space to install the DVD
    without that stuff i will have to buy and expensive hDD.

  • jeremy combs говорит:

    Amazing, this saves so much money. And quirks just as well as a brand new

  • mariakismarios говорит:

    may hdd already got the shock think